How To Read Tarot Cards?

Written by Kasamba Advisor Divine Messenger Zuco

Tarot cards had humble beginnings as playing cards in Italy going back to to the 15th century with roots in Egypt. Some say it was merchants that brought a game of cards, coins and wands. Others say that the cards were never meant to be played with but actually have their roots in the occult. Only when the printing press became more common did the Tarot really take off. First in Italy and then the rest of the world. With all things of spiritual significance, some faith is a must. I’m not sure if the origin of the Tarot matters as much as whether or not they work. In my experience, they are effective and sometimes can be downright shocking in their ability to cut through the clutter and point out the actual facts around your life.

Tarot cards are the most important tools in an advisors arsenal. They are quite useful in situations where personal experience or opinions can come into play. When an advisor can’t or won’t trust what they see or feel, the Tarot is sometimes the only option left. The symbology and powerful medium of the message is impossible to miss. The key is in being connected on an intuitive level while allowing the cards to speak with you. Not to you. It’s an ever evolving conversation that takes places with pictures, words, feelings, energies and a dash of magic.

To focus on the use of a single deck would be a disservice to all of the others. Needless to say, there are some that are tried and true. For this article, we will be referring to the Rider-Waite Tarot deck.

There are schools, both online and offline, as well as a myriad of books on the topic. Every reader has their own style, their own rituals and individual gifts that they use. Some of us will only use a deck that has been handed down by an ancestor; others are always trying out new decks and methods to take their skills to another level. It’s all very individual and personal. Your energy as the client factors in the most, however, both of our energies are mixed into the deck as the cards lay out an outline of events - past, present and especially future.

It’s actually quite rare to merely receive a Tarot card reading without the added benefit of intuition or psychic abilities of some kind. Even empaths have their own way of doing it. A strong empath will factor their senses into the reading. A clairvoyant will see your future as the cards help fill in the blanks. A clairaudient may hear a voice or sound when a particular card in the tarot, shows up like the sound of rushing water, pointing out the importance of the Star Tarot card. Factor that in with a deck that contains 78 cards and chances are that each reading will provide you with insights that are unique to you. That’s not even taking into consideration all of the different decks that are available to the public. Much less those that are rare or are also handmade. The possibilities are endless. The cards though, as powerful a tool as they are, are only as helpful as the advisor/client relationship. Your presence is the most essential and defining factor in it all. It’s your life that is going to be deciphered one card at a time. It’s your energy that will be used to create a gateway from this place and time to another.

Reading the cards and making sense of them is an art in and of itself. It takes practice to build a strong connection with your deck. Purchasing a deck on Amazon is an excellent idea in theory. Sure you could probably figure out some simple spreads, practice with some questions and even try doing it with friends. Sounds easy enough. But the cards on their own don’t give you the answers they help facilitate the process. They provide you with visuals so that you can better identify what is happening. They aren't magic on their own they are merely extensions in symbolic form.

The energy that is shared between you and the Tarot card reader is where the magic happens. You would be surprised at the degree of energy involved. The tension is usually sky high as the anticipation rises in awaiting the answers. You’re both focused intently on what the cards will reveal. Everything is channeled into them.What takes place after that is simply incredible. The cards will fall in the order that makes the most sense for your situation and your life. Answers are given. Characters are defined, personalities come into focus. You are forewarned, secrets are revealed before your very eyes. It happens time and time again. There is no denying its power and its ability to transform confusion into insights. How often have you experienced a Tarot card reading that didn’t make any sense? Meaning where nothing had any significance in your life? I can’t say that it’s happened to me either. There is always something, some aspect of it that connects with you, to you. If it’s the one card, that one single lover's card that shows up and aligns perfectly with everything else.

To help us gain an even better idea of what to expect in a Tarot card reading, I’ve asked the help of my fellow advisor and Tarot card reader, light4you. I sent a message by raven and received one back with her response :)

“Hi Zuco, I’m happy to tell you a bit about how I work. Every Tarot cCard reader is different and does bring their own tools and gifts to the reading. I believe it’s especially important for clients to establish their own personal connection with a reader to know what they want. My Tarot card readings involve my empathic abilities (how I sense) as well my experience as a certified life coach. My Tarot card readings do include predictions, timelines of events to come as well as advice that is geared towards the client's needs at that time. My lLife coaching experience helps give the client that little bit extra to keep going forward.

I believe in the magic of the Universe. I help clients learn to use their own energy, in ways to help create what they want and not what they don’t.

I typically will use a five card spread for a Tarot card reading. This type of spread allows me to answer yes or no questions with accuracy.

Questions like, is my ex coming back?

When will I hear from someone again?

Does a person think of me?

What does it all mean?

What can I do?

All of these questions and more I can answer with ease.”

Thanks to light4u for the insights.

There are a myriad of spreads, decks, readers, and abilities that can go into your tarot reading. The possibilities are endless. If you aren’t feeling it with a particular spread or deck. Ask your reader to try another. Sometimes simply reshuffling the deck and trying a different spread can reaffirm some details that can be tough to believe at first. An open mind is a key to a great Ttarot reading. Let the cards speak to you through your advisor. Let the advisor use their gifts, abilities, and experience to help show you a world of possibilities in your love and every aspect of your life. Reading the Tarot is very much like watching a story unfold. YOUR STORY. The Tarot card reader and advisor is a living conduit or a messenger. The Tarot cards are a tool that allows those answers to be conveyed to you. You are the Maestro. You are the star of your show. It’s your life. We are your guides, coaches, and friends. When no one else understands what is in your heart, we can. When you need answers and want something a bit more concrete, then the Tarot is what will work for you.

I personally enjoy offering Tarot readings for my clients when requested. I use a variety of decks that I’ve collected over many years. I prefer a single card at a time. It allows for greater ease in communicating key details over chat or phone. My favorite deck is the Golden Tarot, followed closely by the Rider- Waite deck. I’d love to read a card for you. Give it a try with me, light4u, or one of the other gifted Tarot card readers and advisors on . You never know what the cards will say, but you can rest assured that it’s exactly what you need, when you need it.

How To Read Tarot Cards How To Read Tarot Cards

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