What’s the big idea behind Oracle cards?

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What’s the big idea behind Oracle cards? What’s the big idea behind Oracle cards?
If you have come across this article, you are most likely experiencing a transformational phase in your life or receiving unexplainable signs from the universe. Oracle card reading is amazing for those of us who want to create personal development or gain an understanding of our very existence. Sometimes, we need a new perspective from an outside source to accomplish this complicated task. The outside source is messages from a higher power, whether they are spirit guides, angels, or anything else you believe in.

Oracle cards are similar to a deck of cards. The inspiration of oracle cards is a twist on tarot cards. While, tarot cards have specific rules and a specific number of cards in the deck, oracle decks are much more flexible. The oracle deck cards have no rules and have room for endless possibilities of themes, symbolism and illustrations. The idea that oracle cards can be whatever you make of them, is what makes it so perfect for beginners. You do not need to understand a rule book or memorize the meanings of cards.

Now, how does an ordinary person tap into the messages without any experience? It is as easy as shuffling a deck of cards and picking a single card. This simple activity will help connect our daily mundane lives to the universal messages we typically do not notice. Intuition is really the skill that is being developed, by simply looking for the signs with a more open state of mind. The best way to get started on practicing intuition and turning it into a skill is through oracle cards. Beginning with just picking one card and over time learning how to use card spreads.

oracle cards oracle cards

How do I pick a deck?

Let’s get started! It is exciting to find out that universal questions and deep personal confusion can be answered on our own. Now, it is time to find the nearest store or go online to find the right deck. It may feel overwhelming when you discover how many oracle decks are available, but there is no right or wrong way to decide. There are a few things we can tell you that may help narrow down your options.

Picking a deck: The best oracle decks come from the creators who intentionally put positive energy and spiritual messages into the cards. Each deck has a unique common theme, from archangels to goddess guidance. The intentions of the oracle deck creator are shown through purposefully illustrated symbols and images. A guidance book usually comes with any oracle deck, which explains the meaning of each oracle card, even if you are using online oracle card readings.

Deck creators: Just choosing a deck will be the beginning of stepping into the world of intuitive thinking. If the intention setting of an oracle deck is important to you, then it would benefit to check out different creators who resonate with you. There are creators of oracle decks from many unique walks of life, which may relate to parts of your identity that are significant. For example, if you are looking for an oracle deck that suits African roots with a woman’s perspective, then find a creator with this background. Or if you want to connect with native roots, then there are creators who derive designs and intentions at the base of sacred mountains.

Deck themes: If you prefer to pick a deck based on the theme and the artistic quality, then it is best to explore ones that you will personally enjoy. Whether you are an animal lover, crystal lover, or number lover, then there are cards for you. This way it will be more in tune to your resonating ability when working on reading the cards. With the endless possible oracle card themes out there, you can even search for two themes integrated together. For example, you can combine the interests of astrology with light work, or angels and abundance.

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How do I use the cards?

The beauty of oracle cards is how interchangeably they can be used, creating different spreads, for journaling ideas or mantras, and any other intuitive activities.

Daily Journaling: A popular way to use the oracle cards is to pick a single card and incorporate what it means to that particular day’s events or the general tone that may present itself throughout the day. If you love journaling, this is a really fun way to get ideas about what to write. Especially if you feel like you’re having a mental block! To trigger the gears in your head, just shuffle the deck and pick a card. Take moment to sit with the card and observe. Then, you can open the small booklet of card descriptions and read what it means. This will help replace an empty mind with an open one, and hopefully trigger a string of thoughts to write.

Try New Spreads: Card spreads are the organization that the oracle card will be placed in as they are picked from the deck. Each of the spots that a card is in, gives it a different meaning. So, first we decide why we want to use the oracle cards today. A popular spread is the “Past Present Future” spread. The placements of the card have three spots, where the left most card represents the past, the middle card represents the present, and the right card represents the future. When analyzing the past, it is a way to reflect on blocks or growth, energies and events, or a message of what you need to take. The present card will help mirror the energy or situation, and possibly what opportunities or challenges are currently present. Finally, the future card might show what the outcome will be if the current path is continued or something you truly want to manifest.

Astrology Lover: If you want to connect your passions for astrology to the intuition that can be practiced with oracle cards, this is possible too! Many oracle card decks that have a main theme of astrology, which will contain spread options within the description book. Now, let us say there is a new moon in the sky today, then we can create a “New Moon” spread. Another popular moon spread will of course be a “Full Moon” spread. There are so many ways to use these two spreads, which instructions to practice can be found online.

Intuitive Yogi: The other intuitive activities include almost anything you do in your life as a hobby or even in your career. For those yogis, who may not have all the free time they wish to have and want to break out some moves at home, this is for you too! Just grab the deck that speaks to you in the moment (or the only deck you own) and pick a card (or a few cards). Lay the cards out and observe the different parts of the card. Then step into a move or an entire flow. If this seems strange, let go of the narrow wave of thinking we are constrained to. Let your mind unravel a bit. Now, look at the colors, actions, or objects on the card and sort of mimic what you see or how it makes you feel.

oracle card reading oracle card reading

Be willing to take the chance, for it could turn into manifestation!

Using either oracle cards online or your own physical deck, it is an excellent way to practice your skills of intuition, and even turn it into manifestation. Whether you are giving or receiving a reading, it is a gateway for tapping into the part of your brain that is usually ignored. This is the tool kit for observing your own mental and emotional processing mechanisms, diving into a connection to divination. This is a practice that connects you to the unknown and predictions of the future.

By having positive intentions and releasing those intentions into a conscious string of thoughts will send signals into the universe. The more intuition is practiced, developed and mastered, then your daily decisions will turn into real life manifestation. This is the key to turning thoughts into reality.

Trying out the different oracle cards decks and how to use the cards. Eventually you will be creating your own spreads and finding meaning to the cards that you may have not seen before. Soon your friends and family will be coming to you for intuitive readings, to help manifest the way they noticed it happening for you! Make this your own unique experience and have fun with it! That is the best way to truly make the most of the gift oracle card play in our life and give us tools we need.

Most Popular Oracle Decks

  1. Crystal Healing Cards by Prime Muse: The 60 card deck includes 48 crystal healing cards and 12 zodiac based cards, combining astrology with the healing guidance of crystals.
  2. The Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid: The deck connects with the energies of nature and uses the animal world as a spiritual and symbolic guide.
  3. Essential Oil Oracle Cards by Lisa Powers: Using the powerful healing energy of essential oils, this deck teaches us how to change negative thoughts into positive thoughts.
  4. Work Your Light by Rebecca Campbell: This pastel-galaxy colored deck is to help improve self-intuition and has a guidebook that aligns the deeper meaning.
  5. Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue: Each card represents one of the goddesses from all different traditions, to empower and provide messages on how to improve your life.
  6. Archangel Oracle by Diana Cooper: This is a simple 44 card deck to connect and learn about the archangels who can be used as personal guides and create spiritual growth.

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