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Top Psychic Advisor / 12+ Years of Experience / Clairvoyant Specialist

where to start with tarot cardswhere to start with tarot cards
How do we know when it is time to begin the practice of Tarot reading? Have you ever been curious about it? Do you feel drawn to the symbolism and the messages it carries? Many of these questions come up when we are looking into purchasing and beginning the practice of connecting with the Tarot. We tend to feel the pull towards working with our higher self(s), angels and into the workings of our subconscious. It opens the door to see the messages, connect to the symbolism, and the energy to answer one’s questions or clarifications on our past, present and future.

The first question we should ask ourselves before going onto the path of the Tarot, we first need to know where to start. Here are a few steps to take first before you decide to pick a Tarot deck to begin your journey into this Divination tool.

best tarot decks for beginnersbest tarot decks for beginners

  1. What is your intention?
    We first need to look at the ways we make decisions about purchasing Divination tools. Is it a place of finding more clarity for your life? Is it to be used to help others within your family and community? Sit with yourself to see what comes forward for you by thinking about your intention before making the next step of purchasing your Tarot deck.
  2. How to choose your deck
    When you have arrived at your intention for using the Tarot, you can get to the point of choosing which deck to use. This can connect to what resonates with you, to the intention you have set with your next step. I encourage you to take a deep breath and meditate to yourself on what your deck would look like, or what kind of imagery connects with you. This can be nature, to spiritual teachers you look up to, to the more traditional esoteric decks. The important thing when it comes to picking your deck is what you felt the most drawn to in connection to the ways the symbolism connects to your soul. Below are some recommendations to get you started.

learn tarotlearn tarot

Top 5 Recommended Tarot Decks for Beginners:

  1. The Rider Tarot Decks
    There are many editions to the types of decks, and many Tarot card readers recommend this deck because of the universal symbolism. Many Tarot readers start out with this deck due to its reputation of being one of the best decks to start out with, and many recommend that all Tarot readers have this deck on hand due to its bold and contrasting imagery. It has themes for all minor arcana cards, giving clarity of the meanings for those who are new to the symbolism of the various arcana. The guide book provides meanings for each card, including the reversal meanings. They are a resilient stock, that makes it last longer, and with a plastic feeling making it easier to shuffle. The colors are very vivid which also makes it the best way to begin, as it pops out and the symbolism becomes easier to understand and memorize with this original modern deck. The illustrations are very simplistic, with an animated feel that provides many beautiful details to each archetype.
  2. The Essential Tarot Book and Card Set
    The classic Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck and 112-page Essential Book of Tarot are packaged with a decorative storage box. This box set has a magnet seal, and when you open the box, it will contain a small guide book with a couple of layouts and a small write up. This deck gives you basic information if you would like to dip your toes into the practice of Tarot reading. The cards are thinner and smaller making it easier for beginners to shuffle the deck. The symbolism and art are simplistic, with warmer tones, making it easier to understand the various meanings of the cards. It is also cheaper than that of other decks available for beginner readers, and a great size for a deck to take on the go with you.

  3. How do I learn to read tarot cards?How do I learn to read tarot cards?

  4. Marseilles Tarot Decks
    It was first introduced in the 1500s, portraying Tarot history which is an important thing to learn as a new reader so that you can grasp a better understanding from where Tarot began and where Tarot is today. It’s great because it is crisp and clear with primary colors. There are various styles, but all are recommended. It is pip style so the minor arcana is more difficult to understand as a beginner. So, it’s recommended to use the symbolism from that like the Rider Tarot deck to give you more clarity on the symbolism within the pip style format.
  5. HBO's Game of Thrones Tarot Deck
    Games of Thrones Tarot cards feature the suits of Cups, Coins, Spears and Swords, along with characters, scenes and stories from the hugely successful HBO series. The deck comes with a hardcover booklet explaining the symbolism of each card. So, it is perfect for someone who enjoyed the show, making it easier to understand the symbolism of the deck for a beginner. When you see the guide book you will see a small introduction on how to prepare and the proper procedures for conducting a reading, as well as how to read the minor and major arcana in the deck. Giving a couple spreads to use to get you started, and with the descriptions of how it connects to the storyline of the HBO series. If you are new to Tarot but a big fan of the show this deck is a great start for you to connect the symbolism of your favorite show with yourself as a beginner Tarot card reader.
  6. Cat’s Eye Tarot Deck
    When you open the packaging, you will find a small paper guide book with breakdowns of the major and minor arcana, along with an introduction to get you started. One thing that caught my eye right away was the unique 9 lives spread that connects you to the feline energy of the deck. The card stock is a larger size, and sturdy, allowing it to last longer and easier to shuffle, making it purrfect for a beginner. The cats in the cards vary from breed to breed, with various behaviors and actions we would see our felines do in our everyday life. There are no pentacles, swords, or cups within the symbolism of the minor arcana of the deck which would make it a little confusing for beginners. However, if you are a cat lover, and have a deep connection and understanding of feline characteristics then this may not be something to be concerned with. The art in the deck has soft, pastel colors, with a delicate presence as a whole. The various suits represent a certain color of the background and of the feline archetypes, creating a story within the suits setting. Let these cats guide you as you use the Tarot to learn about yourself and your cat. The card meanings and numbering follow Rider-Waite interpretations, with reptiles, fish, birds, and mice replacing the usual suit symbols. Even the newcomer to Tarot will be able to relate to these delightful images of cats and learn valuable lessons from them.

How do I get better at tarot?How do I get better at tarot?

Learn How To Use Your Tarot Deck

This is where you get to put your chosen deck to action, where you get to sit and build the relationship with your deck and arrive at the point where you see the answers or the clarification that you seek. Depending on the deck, there could be a spread that the deck is best used for. There are many spreads as well that you can use depending on the types of questions, or situations that you would like to find more clarification on. It is also important to purchase the book or guide for your Tarot deck so you can understand the various symbolism and messages that certain cards carry with them. It is very important to also see what comes through within your own life and in the ways that the imagery of the card pulls certain emotions or connections for you to find such potentials in the given reading. Another thing to consider when you are new to reading the Tarot is that it is important to consider the setting and the environment when you begin this spiritual practice. You can use crystals, candles, and meditation to allow you to connect and focus on the messages and the given intention or question that you set while you use this deck.

What Tarot card is the most feared?What Tarot card is the most feared?

Now that you have a better understanding of the given steps when you are considering purchasing and beginning the divination practice of the Tarot. Where to start with Tarot cards, and what decks are out there to get you started. Now you can connect to your guides, teachers, and angels through this practice to gain more clarification about your life, and your family and community. When you arrive at the moment when you have built the practice of tuning into the spirit through the imagery and symbolism that the Tarot brings into our lives, it allows us to see more clarification through the truths that this tool reveals. Remember to take your time with your practice, and to set the intention, to set your environment to allow you to focus on the given answers you seek. Sending many blessings to you all on your spiritual practice, through communicating with the spirit is where we will see the door open up to our given potential within our everyday situations and relationships.
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