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Laurie A. (Laurie Moore)
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Top Psychic Advisor / Experienced Professional / Psychic, Telepath, Coach
Clairvoyant~ Paul
Top Rated Psychic / 20+ Years of Experience / Tarot & Crystal Reader
Top Rated Psychic / 20+ Years of Experience / Tarot & Crystal Reader

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread Image Celtic Cross Tarot Spread Image
This series of ten articles explains how you can use the Celtic Cross Tarot Card Spread reading to navigate and create a life that meets your deepest desires. You may manifest outcomes that simultaneously serve self and loved ones by becoming conscious of your role in the artistry of your destiny. As you learn to better map your life consciously, you encounter many experiences that are fulfilling and delightful. Information from the reading is a way to help you construct an improved road map for the outcomes you seek to experience. This may allow you to release the potential of many unfavorable experiences that could have occurred otherwise. You can increase your prosperity, harmonize your relationships, and find true love with help from the Celtic Tarot Spread.

A Celtic Card Spread will give you ten pieces of valuable information. A heart-telepath* or psychic will assist you with using this information to improve any and all life matters. If you understand the deeper purpose for each card and position meanings in the Celtic Spread before you start your reading, you will make the best use of your time. You can meet with your psychic or heart-telepath* regularly to make consistent improvements to your life using this spread.

Every Tarot Reader knows how to lay a Celtic Cross Spread using 10 cards (some psychics use an 11 card Celtic Cross Spread).First, choose your Tarot deck based on your personal inclinations. I personally use the Renaissance deck as I feel it relates very well to love and matters of the heart. Now, shuffle the cards as you desire. Everyone has their own personal way to shuffle and there really is no wrong way to perform this. Once you feel the shuffle is complete, take a moment to breathe and meditate upon the person or situation you wish to gain insight about. Then simply cut the deck.
Lay down the first card in a vertical position with the second card directly on top in a horizontal position. All other cards will be in a vertical position as well. The third card is placed in the south position under the first two cards. The fourth card is placed in the north position directly above the first two cards. The fifth card is placed in the west position to the left of the first two cards. The sixth card is placed in the east position to the right of the first two cards. Now you have your cross.

Next, we will build the staff towards heaven. To the right of your cross you will begin to lay down the next five cards in a vertical position starting near the bottom of your cross rising upward towards the north. Starting with card seven, above that card eight, above that card nine, above that card ten and finally card eleven on the top. Now you have 11 cards and are ready to read.

Each card meaning and meaning of the positions combine to offer 11 aspects of illumination on your life: Present situation reality, insight on the problem, past influences leading to the current problem, future outcomes if you continue on your current path of beliefs, conscious understanding of the situation, unconscious factors involved in the situation, the way that your own thoughts are influencing the situation, the way that planetary beliefs are influencing the situation, hopes and fears to clarify regarding this situation, and current outcome for the situation, if you remain in the same state of consciousness.

Card 1: The Soul - This card represents the querent in the present moment. It reflects their state of mind and how they are perceiving their current situation. No matter what the card may be, whether from the major arcana or the minor arcana, male or female figure, it represents the activity, thoughts and concerns of the person you are reading.

Card 2: The Heart - This card indicates the querent’s heart’s desire and the challenges in front of them which must be overcome. This card is also known as the card of resolution. This card represents the subject matter which must be addressed by the person in order to heal and step forward with the heart. This is a very karmic description of what obstacle must be hurdled. Even if you draw what appears to be a positive card for this position, take special notice of its meaning as it is the underlayment of what is blocking the querent from moving forward in life.

Card 3: The Mind - This card represents the thoughts and mental activity of the querent. It shows us what they are thinking, whether they choose to allow this information to be revealed or not. It also tells us of what events the person is concerned with and what events have led up to this present moment. This card shows you the mental and emotional state of the querent right now.

Card 4: The Feet - This card details the immediate past of the querent. It shows us what they have recently left behind, walked away from or discarded from their life. Whether the card appears to be negative or positive, give close attention to this position as it can reveal a lot of information about the person and the reason for their current situation. It represents how their past actions have resulted in their current situation.

Card 5: The Past Influence - This card is all about the past influences of the querent. It reveals the past influences surrounding their karmic journey. It speaks of what path they have chosen and how it has affected them. It is often a signal of what is to come. After all, we are all creatures of habit. However, if the person has made spiritual growth in their life this card simply shows us what energy, attitudes or behaviors they have left behind.

Card 6: The Present Influence - This, of course, is another influence card dealing with the querent's personal relationship. It shows us where they are right now. This is the card of their current situation and what they are dealing with in the moment. If the card has a positive message, then their life is on the right track. If the card has a negative outlook, then this is one of the main obstacles that must be approached by them in order to find a peaceful resolution.

Card 7: The Aura - my personal favorite! This card is all about the aura, the energy and the intention of the querent. It tells us what they are emitting on an energetic level. It focuses on their chakras. This is the glandular system of the human body also known as wheels of light. This card is like using Kirlian photography to read a person’s overall energy field. It dictates where the person is within their conscience, mentally and emotionally.

Card 8: Home/Work - This is a dual card position. It reveals to us the condition and patterns associated with the querent's personal living situation and their respective career. I think of this card as the root chakra card. Home and work both represent a person’s safety, prosperity and innate belief systems. This card shows us how grounded the individual may or may not be in the current moment. If you are looking for answers concerning career paths, financial matters, real estate or concerns about the home and family then this is the card you read.

Card 9: Hope - This card represents the hope of the querent. It tells us what they are dreaming of within their deepest soul’s desire. It is greatly associated with the person’s heart. If fulfilled, this card points us to the karmic destiny which is paramount is attaining happiness and peace of mind. This card lets you know what the person is truly desiring in their life.

Card 10: Fear - This card details what it is that is holding the querent back from stepping forward in their own personal journey. It shows us what they are afraid of within their heart. This card represents what obstacles must be faced and overcome so that they may move forward in life with hope and faith.

Card 11: Future/Outcome - This is your final card and can be quite telling. It predicts the outcome of future events. This card position holds the answer of what is to come for the querent. Depending on the card, we can see a happy future, a tragic ending or a continuation of what has already been revealed. This is most definitely true of readings about love, romance and soulmates. But can also be applicable to every situation in life.

Your psychic or heart-telepath* can help you to utilize this information to transform or fine-tune your current approach to the situation so that your journey changes for the better and future outcomes improve.

Each article in this series discusses one of the meanings of the 10 card positions so that you can best use the information when you contact your reader for a session. The most valuable way to use your reading is to first imagine the outcomes you desire, how you would feel when these outcomes come true, what you would think as your life gave you these outcomes or even better ones! Now give gratitude as though this result is already happening. Imagining what we seek is already here, instead of wishing for it in the future, allows life to start finding ways to bring our desired manifestations into reality.

When your focus is on desired outcomes, you begin to manifest life experiences that give you great joy and success. The Celtic spread shows you any ways in which you need to fine tune or shift your thoughts to get where you desire to be. Your psychic or heart-telepath helps you to understand and make good changes so your wishes may come true.

This first article in a series of 10, on the Celtic Tarot Card Spread, will explain the best use of card number 1: Present Situation.

When looking at the present situation card, release false concepts about linear time. The linear time concept has us believing that we are stuck in particular realities and this is never true. Life is a constant momentum and flow. Life is much more like fluid water than solid metal - when we open our hearts and souls to the surrounding bounty, life loves to provide for us. Since consciousness shifts forever, we can alter our experience at any moment by changing our viewpoint about the situation.

When we change our beliefs, we change our present thus future and correspondingly, perceptions about the valuable lessons offered to us in the past. As a thought shifts, so does the emotion and physical stance. As we learn to shift our own realities, based on what the cards remind us to change, we come to embrace how the universe is benevolent and loving. Fears, worries, and feelings of disappointment are replaced with trust in the self, desired manifestations, and allowance of universal kind and loving help for us.

As we change into a relationship of love with our own self, based on reflections the psychic or heart telepath offers via the Celtic Cross Spread, life changes with us. If you are delighted by the current situation, stay on the same track. If you like the energy the card in the present time position gives you, stay with that energy! If you are not delighted, you can change this by altering your focus to what you wish for the present situation. If the card drawn is realistic about your current situation but not joyful for you, imagine the present situation to be the way you wish that reality was. Give gratitude for the way you imagine your personal reality can be. Your chosen aim of focus, to your desired life and purpose, combined with gratitude will change the consciousness. As you align with your truest soul intentions, the card drawn about the present situation will change. The spread is used to help you see if you are on a trajectory with an outcome that will please you, or if you have to change what you are imagining so as to re-navigate your life.

Ask your psychic or heart telepath for deeper clarification on the card, and ways to change your beliefs in order to change your life.

* The term psychic never fully described what I do, so I have called myself a heart-telepath for over a decade. I understand people from heart to heart and soul to soul with good intentions for most favorable outcomes.

Laurie Moore (Laurie A.) has a background as a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and graduate school teacher for psychology students. Laurie lead Satsangs and seminars all over the world. She has appeared on many top spiritual and main stream shows such as Beyond the Ordinary with John Burgos, CBS, Fox News, Ricki Lake, In the Company of Angels. Laurie is the author of many books.
About Laurie A. (Laurie Moore)
Laurie A. is a gifted heart-telepath who has a background in psychotherapy & hypnotherapy. She is an author and has appeared on many top spiritual and main stream shows such as Beyond the Ordinary with John Burgos, CBS, Fox News, Ricki Lake, In the Company of Angels.
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Paul is an Ole Irish Gypsy with over 20 years of experience as a Tarot and Crystal reader. He provides a judgement-free zone to answer your questions so that you can achieve clarity and peace of mind.
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