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Riley Mcgee
Top love expert / 20+ years experience Intuitive and empathetic
Top love expert / 20+ years experience Intuitive and empathetic

Yes or NO Tarot Reading One Card Yes or NO Tarot Reading One Card
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The Wheel of Fortune implies that while a big change is coming your way, you don't really have any control over the outcome. It's hinting you to practice humbleness and acceptance. Most likely, these are changes that have nothing to do with you personally, as in, you haven’t done anything to start them nor could you have done something to stop them. But they are highly likely to affect the way you live your life. Bigger forces are at work. Fate might be stepping in, or the conditions on the ground might be changing due to practical or legal reasons. Either way, at this point, it is best to just accept that somethings are just meant to be, or aren’t meant to be.
You’re likely to experience success soon. It can come about due to the completion of a project you’ve worked on hard and long, or an achievement that personally means a lot to you. You’re likely to be recognized for your efforts. If you’re a writer, this could mean getting published. If you’re an artist, it could mean getting a gallery to exhibit your work. If you work for someone else, you might be elected the Employee of the Month or get a promotion. If you are a stay-at-home mom, expect your children and spouse to recognize how wonderful you are. What matters is that you’ll be recognized for your contribution to other people’s lives, to a cause, or to an organization. Accept the accolades, you deserve it.
You’re likely to experience new joys, wonders and blessings that might feel sudden or unexpected but oh-so-welcome. What a relief it will be when everything flows gracefully. If there’s something you’ve been wanting for a long time, it’s more likely to happen now than it was in the past, and you might not even have to work for it anymore. Sometimes things happen just when we give up. The Sun predicts such blessed surprises. If you feel that you’re trying to control or force situations into happening a certain way, you might want to let go, really let go. That’s when it will happen the way you want! Your life is heading in a highly positive, beautiful direction; relax and enjoy the wondrous ride.
You are entering a period of time where you’ll know what you want, want it with passion, and be able to act on it. The magician emphasizes clarity and strong intentions. To better prepare yourself, engage in something that relaxes you. It can be meditation, yoga, cooking, reading a book, or even a long bath. Today is also a good day to plan ahead some practical steps. In the next few days or weeks, the growing strength of your will power is likely to help things unfold in your favor and bring you success. It won’t be effortless, but it will be rewarding. Keep at it and soon enough you'll witness your actions paying off.
The High Priestess indicates unknowns and mysteries that aren’t likely to be revealed any time soon. Have you been finding it difficult to open up to people? You’re a deeply spiritual person, someone who experiences life more profoundly than many others. So, it’s not that your friends or family don’t care or that they don’t try to understand; it’s just that you need someone who can see through situations, and also see through you, better. You can wait it out, or in the meantime you can also seek consultation, meditate and contemplate. This isn’t a favorable time to act. Rather, it’s a time to pause, tune in and listen.
The Hermit is a reminder to start focusing on your inner, real needs. It might be a good time to withdraw from the world around you for a while – not cut anybody off or disappear, but simply take a break to concentrate on your self-development. Discover what your soul wants and needs. Activities such as journaling, painting, meditation or a silent retreat could help. The Hermit could also symbolize a wise person who can help you find your inner truths. They could be a teacher, a healer, a psychic or a spiritual advisor. They could also be a writer whose books might change how you think and feel, and therefore have a real impact on your life. These days, seek such wisdom everywhere you look.
You might be feeling like the black sheep. Someone who’s different, who thinks and acts in their own unique way, someone who’s true to themselves no matter how other people react. While in most situations it might seem smart to blend in, it’s people like you, people who have a certain black sheep quality that go on to change the world. If you have an innovative idea for a new business, or feel like giving everything up to go travel the world, or want to come out of the closet about anything that makes you unique, be it your ideas, way of life, beliefs, the Hanged Man suggests you must! Allow what sets you apart to shine. It’s the right time to stand up for your soul.
A new and very exciting beginning becomes a possibility in an important area of your life. It’s a favorable time to make a resolution and leap forward without detailed plans or expectations. The beginner’s luck is on your side. All you need is a little courage to say, “I’m ready!” and jump. If you’re about to start dating again, take a new job, join a social club, or start a fitness program, now is a great time. You’re likely to come across remarkable people who’ll guide you in the best possible direction. Put practical worries aside; even the small details will work themselves out. It’s like you just hit 777: you have the right kind of luck and support as you enter the next phase of your life.
The Empress is known to shower people with deep feelings, heightened pleasures and new levels of passion for life. Her task is to signal at unforgettable, picture-worthy moments, such as the arrival of a baby into your family or close circle of friends, unexpected generosity that makes your jaw drop, reuniting with the love of your life, or you or a loved one winning a coveted prize. Do your best to embrace such once-in-a-lifetime type of joys with an open heart, really take them in, make them yours! If you’ve been keeping a gratitude journal, get ready to write more in the upcoming days, as you, or someone close to you, is very likely to experience incredibly happy moments in the very near future.
You might find yourself in a situation where you feel overwhelmed by the power display of the people involved. They might try to stifle or threaten you or others whom you hold dear. They might do this overtly and directly, or very subtly through emotional bullying. Either way, the Devil suggests that this evil is way weaker than it looks. Don’t fall prey to this scheme. You have the power to walk away completely, or to change the situation if you choose to stay. If a part of you wants nothing changed, discover what ulterior motive you might have for keeping yourself in such an unpleasant situation. Is it the financial security? The promise of love? Don’t sacrifice your long-term self-respect for short-term gain.
You’re either likely in the middle of a challenging and still escalating situation, or about to get entangled in one. This situation contains contradictions, arguments, and problematic moments. At times it might even make it difficult to keep everything under control. But the Chariot suggests eventual success. It will require you to work very hard and be emotionally strong. Even though tough decisions might overwhelm you, you have what it takes to get the results you want. Apply your will power and make your decisions heard by everyone loud and clear. You’ll feel much stronger afterwards as you’re very likely to improve your conversational and negotiation skills! Now is not the time to back down; buckle up and take the next challenge head on.
The Strength card hints at the likelihood of events that affect whole families, neighborhoods, cities or even countries. It could be a natural disaster, a man-made problem, political unrest, or another rare ordeal that affects large groups of people. You might lose your inner-grounding and get emotionally carried away. You might find yourself taking sides, feeling angry or frustrated, or even getting defensive. It would serve you, however, to do the opposite. Try to come back to your center, back to calm, regardless of what’s happening out there. Find compassion for those adversely affected, and have compassion for yourself even when you feel negative. You might not have the strength to change the whole world, but you do have the strength to change your own.
The things that are happening right now most likely have roots in past events. It may feel like you're repeating a cycle, or simply reaping what you’ve sown. If you aren’t happy with the way things are turning out, Justice indicates the need for absolute honesty. Explore in your mind and heart how you could’ve done things differently in the past and prevented things to become what they are today. But also, how can you change the way you react right now to be able to create a different and better future? If you’re happy with the way things are unfolding, you might still want to do the same inner analysis – pinpointing what worked will help you be even more confident in the future.
You might feel a powerful call from within, a tremendous inner push to change the entire way you’ve been living your life or the way you’ve been looking at life. This might include moving to a whole new city or even a country, taking a job in a brand-new field, picking up a hobby that you normally would never consider, or dating someone who, seemingly, isn’t your type. Whatever it is you’re doing differently is thoroughly good for you now and will open new doors in the future as well. It is a welcome change, one that your soul will enjoy for years to come. If this doesn’t sound like you, you’re likely turning a deaf ear to your inner calling due to fear of change.
Deciphering answers from a tarot deck can be challenging for beginners, so the simplest way to get accurate answers is by asking yes or no questions. If you’re looking for straightforward and actionable advice to gain insight into your future, this yes or no tarot reading is just what you need. While tarot cards are presented as divination tools for fortune telling, they are actually most effective for reflection and decision-making.

Our tarot tool can generate some unexpected results, and sometimes the answer will not be to your liking. While it may hinder your expectations momentarily, the cards can help you achieve fulfillment and find a better path in life, even if it’s one you did not anticipate.

When to use a yes or no tarot reading

Some scenarios are more complex than others and require additional guidance, not just a yes or no answer. However, if you need to make a quick decision in the near future, you may consult the cards and generate a response. For example, you could ask the cards if you have been asked out on a date and are in two minds about whether to go or if you should accept a promotion at work. Additionally, you could also use the cards to determine how a situation will go. Questions including “will my partner and I move in together?” Or “when will I get a bonus at work” would also be suitable.

However, it’s important to remember that a tarot card, yes or no, does not represent your absolute fate. The yes or no answer will give you a general idea of whether the outcome will be favorable or unfavorable to your life rather than providing a definitive explanation of what will happen.

What questions to ask

Preparation is key; asking a practical question will generate the most accurate answer possible. Write down a list of questions that can be answered with a yes or no. As a general rule, try not to include a ‘why’ in your question, as there are too many ambiguities. Refining your questions can assist in providing the clarity you seek.

  • Be focused - Broader questions will be too much for the tool to give precise answers. The question “Will I be successful” has too many intricacies, whereas “Will I exceed my goals in my current job” would generate a more insightful answer. The reading will also be more beneficial if you can go one step further and identify each goal to yourself before you ask the question.
  • Don’t ask two questions at once - The tool aims to generate clear and concise yes or no answers, and you will end up confusing yourself by asking a double question. Say you asked, “Will my partner accept my marriage proposal, or does she want to break up?” If the response were “yes,” you wouldn’t know whether it was an answer to the first or second part of the question, which would leave you feeling even more confused.
  • Stay neutral - The whole point in the tarot yes or no reading is to let the tool do the work. If you were to pose your question with underlying bias, you risk the outcome swaying to one side and therefore being inaccurate. Instead of asking, “Is my boss reluctant to give me a raise?” Say, “when will my boss give me a raise?” By injecting negativity into your question, you are already swaying it one way. Maintain neutrality for the best possible result.
  • Include time frames in your questions - In tarot, you must be clear and leave nothing open to interpretation. So, if you ask whether you will see someone again, the tarot could reply yes, but that could mean you’ll bump into them by chance in a year. Including time frames in your questions will give you more clarity on how a situation will turn out. Asking if you will see this person again within a month will help you understand if the relationship is going the way you desired.

The reading

The tool will allow you to pick a few tarot cards before summarizing what each card means and how it applies to your life. We recommend asking questions related to love, career, health, and your life path to receive the most accurate result. With each card, you will get a yes or no answer to the questions you formulated prior to choosing your cards. After gaining a definitive answer, the tool will give you the interpretation behind the symbols displayed and an overview of the cards, which will help you relate it to your questions.

If you’re questioning the reliability of the reading, the tarot has evolved over centuries to become a proper form of fortune-telling. Each card possesses a positive, negative, or neutral meaning, and you will be able to apply the result to your life, relating all the intricacies and complexities of your circumstances to the yes or no answer.

If you would like to delve deeper into the answer and gain further insights, you can speak directly to a tarot card reader or read up on the significance and meaning behind each card on our tarot page.

The outcome

Once you have the tarot answers to your questions, you should be able to move forward with a clear mind and have a greater understanding of what lies ahead. If someone is struggling with their relationship, career, or their life’s direction, this tool is helpful for relieving anxiety, gaining clarity on the future, giving validation, and alleviating insecurities. Plus, this game can also be played in times of optimism when you, or someone else, are excited about the future and manifesting positivity. Not only do the tarot cards give you fascinating answers and perspectives that shed light on your circumstances, but they also allow you to think about your situation in a different light that has the potential to change your outcome. Finally, don’t keep deep thoughts held in; put them out into the universe, ask the tarot cards for guidance, and emerge headstrong and confident in your next steps.
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Riley Mcgee is a longtime psychic and medium who has guided many people from their relationship woes. Being a love expert has given her first-hand experience in recognizing the warning signs and how to transform a relationship into something deeper and meaningful.
Specializing in : Love Readings | Skills: Top love expert / 20+ years experience Intuitive and empathetic | Rate:
Specializing in : Love Readings | Skills: Top love expert / 20+ years experience Intuitive and empathetic | Rate:
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