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Discover What You Bring from Past Lives

With the powerful Lunar Eclipse coming up on February 10th, this is not only a perfect time to look within and pay special attention to our dreams and intuitions, but also a timely occasion to understand the effects of our zodiac Moon Sign on the whole of our lives.

What’s my Moon Sign?

Our Moon Sign is the sign the Moon is located in, in our astrological birth chart. It’s not the same as our Sun sign – which is what we read in horoscope forecasts.

The Moon is a feminine celestial body, showing us its beautiful face to us in different phases and forms, like in the pagan maiden-mother-crone Triple Goddess. She embodies all aspects of the universal feminine energy – soft but powerful, gentle but effective. She offers us a sacred connection to the darkest nights of our soul – our subconscious world, our true spiritual depth, and our reason for reincarnating on Earth.

Our Moon Sign shows what we bring from past lives – all those things we learnt and all those other things we are yet to explore, understand and absorb. Our Moon sign gives us hints about our earlier experiences, good and bad, loving and fearful, compassionate and rejecting. She embodies our renewed life purpose, as we descend on Earth again. She creates the outlines of our karma for this lifetime. And like the Moon, our lifelong karma waxes and wanes from time to time.

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Moon in Aries

Moon in Aries people tend to be born to empowered, and sometimes dominant, mothers. Their life karma asks them to grow up fast to become emotionally independent. As adults, they have intense and spontaneous emotions. They are never boring, but the intensity isn’t for the fainthearted! They may need a lot of attention from the people in their lives, especially from their love interests. To help unfold their soul’s true calling, Moon in Aries people are advised to attend to the child within, accepting its vulnerabilities and “child-like” thoughts and emotions with an open heart.

Realized self: Passionate, sensitive, mature, has clear direction
Shadow: Demanding, tactless, too intense

Moon in Taurus

Moon in Taurus people tend to be born to relatively stable families. They have regular schedules and family members who are there for them to the bets of their ability. As adults, they look for the same in relationships – long term togetherness. They are sensual and affectionate. To help unfold their soul’s true calling, Moon in Taurus people must dig deeper to see beyond their desire for long-term comfort. Perhaps learn to take a chance from time to time. Explore new things, challenge the status-quo, open themselves to other cultures and spiritual practices.

Realized self: Committed, stable, able to take educated risks
Shadow: Stubborn, inflexible about life choices, chooses material comfort over real purpose

Moon in Gemini

Moon in Gemini people tend to be born to emotionally unavailable or overly intellectual mothers. Their karma makes it challenging for them to learn to emotionally connect early in life. As adults, they make great theorizers, debaters, and philosophers, but people who are close to them may find them shallow, or simply “not at home.” To help unfold their soul’s true calling, they are advised to enter and explore their own emotional depth, little by little, learning to experience, accept and even embrace all emotions, without labeling them as good or bad. They must connect to their heart-space.

Realized self: Great sense of humor, ability to feel everything but stay detached if needed, thought leader
Shadow: Superficial, inconsistent, not connected to life and others

Moon in Cancer

Moon in Cancer people are born to mothers with whom they have a powerful karmic bond from previous lives. This bond makes it very difficult for them to attain psychological independence – there’s always some entanglement with the mother. As adults, they want to form deep relationships, as that’s what they are used to. This can come across as needy and overbearing for some people. To help unfold their soul’s true calling, they must learn to fully individuate – understand that it’s okay to have personal choices, thoughts and goals that differ from those of loved ones.

Realized self: The Great Mother – nurturing yet wild and independent
Shadow: needy, calculating, self-doubting

Moon in Leo

Moon in Leo people tend to be born to mothers who are concerned with outer beauty, outer looks and impressing others in their communities. As adults, they look for romantic partners who they can be proud of and even show off. They might resort to criticism if the people around them aren’t living to the best of their ability. To help unfold their soul’s true calling, Moon in Leo people must bridge the gap between pretended grandiosity and actual vulnerability. They can bring their extraordinary gifts to the world when they accept their ordinary humanness.

Realized self: Warm, all-accepting, successful, authentic
Shadow: Proud, pretentious, narcissistic

Moon in Virgo

Moon in Virgo people may have a penchant for love triangles. As a child, they may have a much deeper relationship with one parent than the other. As adults, they find it difficult to express their intense emotions. In the hearts, they “stay” in relationships long after they’re finished. They may experience unrequited love, or fall in love with someone who’s, in some way, not fully available. To help unfold their soul’s true calling, they must accept their own loving and hating. It would serve them to find balance in life in general, and in their love lives in particular.

Realized self: Unconditional lover, supportive, loyal
Shadow: Lonely, difficulty in relationships, disconnected

Moon in Libra

Moon in Libra people tend to be born to mothers who are indifferent to their children’s emotional needs. Moon in Libra learn to put others’ needs first, without realizing they neglected their own emotions. At some point in their lives, this may take them deep into depression. To help unfold their soul’s true calling, it would serve to connect with the child within. To understand what the little girl/boy within needs and to do what it takes to meet those needs. Moon in Libra people must work to learn to be there for themselves, so they can be authentic, instead of people-pleaser.

Realized self: Authentic, honest, reliable, exhibits true self-expression
Shadow: Dependent, has difficulty putting foot down, lacks strong sense of self

Moon in Scorpio

Old souls, Moon in Scorpio people tend to be born to challenging situations – perhaps an absent mother, a mother who passes away too early, or a mother whom they couldn’t trust for very real reasons. They have the karmic wisdom and awareness to deal with such situations, but it isn’t easy. To help unfold their soul’s true calling, they must learn to trust intimacy. That relationships aren’t forever, but it’s okay to go deep still. That life itself is a fleeting endeavor, but depth is worth it. And that, sometimes it’s okay to let go of a relationship if it isn’t working out.

Realized self: Loyal, deep, intense, truly present, powerful presence
Shadow: consumed by doubt, controlling, distrustful

Moon in Sagittarius

Moon in Sagittarius people tend to be born to mothers who aren’t just another member of the society. They may be very eccentric, a wild hippie, or a very religious person. They stand out in some way. As adults, Moon in Sagittarius people change their minds all the time, and they can adapt to any other culture or country. To help unfold their soul’s true calling, they must learn to develop roots and a sense of belonging. It would serve them to find their own life philosophy and stick to it for a while. To create consistency in their thoughts and life experience.

Realized self: Accepting, understanding, stable, consistent Shadow: Unpredictable, flakes out, ungrounded

Moon in Capricorn

Moon in Capricorn people tend to be born to environments that may be emotionally unstable or even abusive. They learn to protect themselves at a young age, sometimes by closing their hearts. As adults, they find it difficult to let go and simply be. They don’t like being vulnerable. To help unfold their soul’s true calling, Moon in Capricorn people must accept that we’re all vulnerable and that it’s okay. They must explore the treasures that come with having true intimacy, and that there’s pleasure in both giving and receiving. It would serve them to trust their hearts.

Realized self: Committed, loving, protective, understanding
Shadow: Distant, unloving, tough

Moon in Aquarius

Moon in Aquarius people are born to mothers who offer conditional love. As adults, they are very forward-thinking, letting everyone be, but not getting too close to any particular person. They think about love rather than feeling it. They are open to new experiences, but these experiences seldom find the emotional depth they are craving deep down. To help unfold their soul’s true calling, it would serve Moon in Aquarius people to express who they are, exactly as they are, and to learn to be received by others. Working on self-acceptance would also help.

Realized self: open to all, nonjudgmental, can take humanity forward
Shadow: Unreachable, inauthentic, offers conditional love

Moon in Pisces

Moon in Pisces people tend to be born to mothers who are too emotional. They may have addictions and/or other difficulties in their relationship to life. As adults, Moon is Pisces people may find it challenging to find a solid base in life. They may have too many dreams, but not enough action to make them come true. They may give too much in relationships. They may not read other people’s intentions well, either. To help unfold their soul’s true calling, it would help them to find grounding through a stable living situation and a job. Breathing exercises would help too.

Realized self: Strong and flexible at the same time, loving, intuitive
Shadow: Wrong intuitions, poor boundaries, flighty

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