Are Leo & Sagittarius Compatible?

Leo Sign Sagittarius Sign

Both astrological signs find that they have an intense attraction to one another because both signs have strong compatibility. The Leo is a natural leader and the Sagittarius finds being at the side of the Leo a natural fit. However, both signs tend to have strong opinions which can complicate the relationship. 

Leo and Sagittarius Zodiac Compatibility

Both Leo and Sagittarius are fire signs which means that a relationship can be hot and temperamental. Sign compatibility between the two is difficult and requires dedication from both parties to make a relationship function and thrive. Both signs are known for being extroverts and possess a strong interest in the people around them.

Leo, the lion, is proud, strong, and has a zest for life although you don't travel far from home. The Leo is a little at odds with Sagittarius, the archer, who prefers exploration and constantly seeking new experiences and knowledge. As long as both partners are upfront with one another about their personality traits, they can make a relationship, including a marriage, work for a lifetime.

Leo and Sagittarius Love

Both Leo and Sagittarius are known for their lust for life, outgoing natures, and magnetic personalities. Leos are known for their warmth and generosity, persistent optimism, and drive, as well as the strong desire to experience life. Sagittariuses are similar, but have more wanderlust and tend to be relentless in their quest for learning. The Sagittarius may find that life with a Leo has unique challenges, as a Leo tends to be more easy-going and not as interested in exploration.

It's important for both partners to find a common ground with one another in order to full enjoy what each brings to the relationship. Understanding is key to making the relationship work, as well as giving one another space to do what the other enjoys. A Leo is more likely to be accepting of the goals of the Sagittarius, but a Sagittarius who is willing to slow down and listen to their Leo partner can find enduring happiness and love.

Leo Man and Sagittarius Woman

Almost irresistible is a Sagittarius woman and Leo man. A Sagittarius woman who is looking for a partner that is strong, steady, and secure sees her perfect match in a Leo who represents a person who is never boring, reliable, and provides a feeling of solidity often lacking in relationships between people of different signs. However, a Leo man may not be as easily stimulated as a Sagittarius woman, which means he's less likely to explore or try new things. This can frustrate a Sagittarius woman who's always on the move, looking for new things to try. A Leo man can handle what his Sagittarius partner brings to the relationship, but she may not be as patient. Both will need to learn how to negotiate and avoid arguments as much as possible to keep the relationship happy.

Falling for a Sagittarius and not sure how it's going to work out? Focus on offering love and strength and work on being patient with the tempestuous nature of the Sagittarius. Understanding the nature of the Sagittarius before getting into a committed relationship goes a long ways towards a happy and satisfied long-term arrangement.

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