Are Leo & Taurus Compatible?

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There is a lot that you can learn from your horoscope. You can learn about yourself and how your sign relates to your partner. Knowing the intricacies between the two of you can prepare you for upcoming hurdles and help you face challenges head-on. Learn about how you as a Leo handle relationships – and what this means for your Taurus partner

Leo and Taurus Compatibility

At first glance, the relationships between Leo and Taurus couples seem incredibly compatible. Both parties value compliments and want to have their egos stroked, and knowing this can allow Leo and Taurus couples to build each other up to high confidence levels. However, there are some differences in how these two signs show their love and support, which can lead to confusion and even conflict in the early days of a relationship.

Leo, in particular, is very dramatic when it comes to showing love. They prefer gift-giving and big shows of affection. Taurus, meanwhile, is very traditional. They want things to be a certain way and to follow a set path to success. To be successful, Leo and Taurus relationships can find out where the traditional path meets the big and exciting path to see where they connect. For example, your Taurus partner might want a very traditional engagement and wedding – from asking the parents to choosing a large engagement ring. However, a clever proposal and a well-crafted ring can meet the needs of a Leo, who wants excitement as well as tradition.

Leo and Taurus in Bed

Romantically, Leo and Taurus both enjoy being loved, though they often don't enjoy giving love themselves. This isn't to say that they are selfish lovers. In fact, both signs can be incredibly giving when they want to be. However, they can both be lazy. Both Leo and Taurus prefer to lie back and let their partner do the work, which can be awkward when neither partner wants to put in the effort. It is not uncommon for the romance between these couples to fizzle out over time, as both signs give in to their natural urges to be lazy.

However, both Leo and Taurus men and women can keep things interesting by playing on the strengths of their partners. Leos can spice things up in bed with dramatic gestures or flairs for the dramatic, while your Taurus partner can focus their energy on showing their love and admiration for you.

Conflict Between Leo and Taurus

Conflict in a Leo and Taurus relationship is not unheard of, especially because both of these signs are exceptionally stubborn. Once people under these signs make up their minds, they are not going to change them. Both are going to argue their points clearly and will be unwilling to back down on an issue. This can create problems for any relationship, but this stubbornness is incredibly common in Leo and Taurus love compatibility.

Along with learning to listen to their partners, and even compromising sometimes, Leo and Taurus couples can be successful by tapping into the main trait that brought them together; admiration. When these partners realize how smart, competent, and creative their partners are, they can learn to respect their opinions and even back down from their stubborn stance sometimes. However, it takes two to tango. If one person is going to compromise, they will expect their partner to compromise as well.

From the first days of news friendships to the passing years of a lasting marriage, Leo and Taurus couples have the power to remain strong. However, both parties need to be willing to put their stubbornness aside and invest in their partners. This is the secret formula for relationships under these to signs to thrive.

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