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The Secrets to a Capricorn Man

Hold on tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. You’re climbing uphill, fast and furiously dodging falling debris as you try and keep with your Capricorn. Everything depends on how far up his own life ladder he is. His life is forever centered around his life quests of conquering the world, protecting and leading his soldiers. His army being whatever offspring and mate he has found along his quest for being the one atop the mountain. His life though is nothing short of a tapestry of experiences throughout his romantic experiences.

His Choices Around Love

His choices around love never seem to follow any logical pattern. His tastes in appearance and temperament will vary except in one area. How you fit in with HIS life. It’s not even about right now or how you could impact his life immediately. It’s more about how you would fit into his life overall, how you would be a great mother, partner, how you would rule by his side, as he eventually rules his little slice of heaven. He has it all planned out in every single way. All he needs is the right partner.

Will He Be There for You?

He’ll do anything you need. He can adjust to your life and needs. He’ll be dutifully supportive and there for you. What he won’t be is your number two, or the second in command to your life. As long as you don’t make more money than him, as long as your social status is not two or more places above his own. He just won’t tolerate being your number two. He can be proud and stubborn. He’d rather refer to it as moral code and following his intuition. Think Norman Reedus from the hit TV series, The Walking Dead.

When it comes time to end a relationship, you’ll find that he has that covered too. He’ll patiently wait for the right time to say, “let’s just be friends,” but if you’ve encountered him early in his life, you may also experience being outright cut off, no notice, no word and no explanation.

The male Capricorn can be quite dry!


What to Do in a Fight with Him

If you are in the unfortunate position of being in the midst of a fight with him, be sure to pack supplies. It could take a while! They can hold a grudge to infinity. They are hard wired to remember every single thing that you or anyone else has ever done to them. Until they get to talk it out that is. The beauty in dealing with him is that once it’s over, it’s over. You won’t be picking up the pieces over and over again. You could have offended him, betrayed him or hurt him to the point of no return. But if you can get a grip on him, get him to talk it out with you, he’s also the fastest to let it go. Running up those hills means traveling light. So he will by virtue of his very nature, he will let it go and it will be forgotten forever. Quite literally.

His True Self

He does have a softer side too. Behind all that gruff is a very large heart. All the better to keep him going as he continues his ascent. He can’t easily say no to anyone in need. He can have a terrible soft spot with animals. That’s where you can watch and observe how the outward man conflicts so dramatically with the inner man. The inner person comes to the surface. The purity of soul, of love, of intent that you get glimpses of, in times just like this.

There is a perfect, loyal, deep, loving man there.

Every single time. But the other aspects of him are going to be present in equal quantity too. Stubbornness, ego, too proud, overly involved in his work life. That is where many Capricorn men get in trouble. Putting their work lives ahead of their family or social lives. They could literally live at work. As long as they knew that it would get them to their goals.

Keeping him home-and-work-balanced can be a challenge.

The idea of being able to provide for himself and his extended and immediate family far outweighs any sacrifices that he would have to make in turn. So he throws himself head and heart first, gladly toiling away so that he and those closest to him can bask in the warm sun and feel the water roll to their toes a few years earlier than if he had passed up on this opportunity.

What you get in return is more than worth the effort. Loyalty is a huge deal for him. He is loyal to a fault. Loyal to those he loves. He will put aside almost anything, including but not limited to his own dreams, goals and closest friends for the sake of his partner. There is no mountain too high to climb or challenge too great to overcome. If it’s your problem then automatically it becomes his problem!


Capricorn Man in Bed

The goat (Greatest of all time) can be a champ in sack but always respectful of your boundaries. That’s not to say that they can’t be kinky or wild. The closer you get to your Cappy, the more of that wild side will come out. Until you reach the point where sex is no longer limited to night at home in the bedroom. He’ll respect your boundaries alright, but he’ll push each and every one to see where they really are!

So to sum it up.

The Capricorn male is loyal. A hard worker that can get lost in his job/dreams/goals. He’s a tireless defender of his mate and family. He will go above and beyond for those that he loves. He can be conservative, a skeptic but can also be the most open-minded and wildest man that you’ve met.

Pack light and keep your eyes on the prize!

Contributing Advisor: Divine Messenger Zuco

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