Secrets to Loving a Gemini Woman

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gemini womangemini woman
The Gemini Woman is symbolized by the twins, her element is air and she is ruled by the planet Mercury. Unique amongst the signs for her combination of intellect, the gift of gab and ability to reason through challenges using logic. The Gemini woman is the multi-tasker who can be quickly bored by surface subjects. There is a twinkle in her eye, a sense of knowing more than she lets on. Famous examples are Nicole Kidman, Courtney Cox, and Iggy Azalea.

Gemini Women in Love

In love, she is not interested in what you own. Instead, she wants to know who you are. Things are secondary to her. They fall far behind on her list of priorities. They include justice, intelligence, the ability to talk, remain interesting, as well as being interested in her pursuits and hobbies. Though she can fall in love quickly and easily, she can just as quickly fall out of love. She’s a cuddler, a touchy and feely type. When it’s on, it’s on. There is no mistaking when she’s in love with you. It’s going to be up to you keep up with her demands. Love for her requires higher than usual energy. It’s all-inclusive and encompassing, which means that it’s about you and her - Not the whole world at large.

Keeping a Gemini Woman Happy

As an air sign, she can soar with the eagles and sing as well as any songbird. Just don’t think that you can keep her in a cage. She’s not that kind of girl. Freedom is especially crucial for her. The ability to choose, to shift from place to place. The freedom to make her own destiny. She needs to feel like she has options more than she needs control. If you notice controlling or contrived behavior from her, that’s a sure sign that she is unhappy and might be preparing to bolt. The Gemini woman won’t waste time mourning the past failures of a relationship. She’d instead set her sights on a new and happy one that fulfills her needs at that moment. She is always on the move.

gemini woman compatibilitygemini woman compatibility

Love Traits of a Gemini Woman

Love, sincerity, logic, and charity are what drive the Gemini woman. She may not be a fighter of justice. But she will do her part by adopting children whether or not she has her own. That’s her way of bringing balance to the world. She will give love as she expects to also receive it in turn. She doesn’t hold back as long as she knows that she has a willing partner. The sky's the limit for her and can be for you. She is the partner that will guide you to greater heights emotionally, romantically, mentally, physically and even financially. Your success is also her success. She doesn’t get bogged down by jealousy or become competitive with those that she loves.

gemini woman in bedgemini woman in bed

A proper, balanced, happy and passionate relationship is what she strives for. She won’t ever take you for granted or overlook any of what you do for her. The risk is in taking her for granted, thinking that you could ever get away with giving her less than 100%. That’s when she can switch. This is where the twin aspect of who she is becomes manifest. It’s a matter of survival for the Gemini woman. She doesn’t waste time. If you aren’t in this to win it, she’s gone. She will switch and transform, going from settled, relaxed and at ease to competitive, wild and stressed. All within a moment’s notice. The build-up is slow and steady. Once it’s done, there is no turning back the clock. If you have a Gemini woman in your life and you’re happy, do whatever it takes to keep her happy. She’s as rare as they come. She doesn’t connect with just anyone. If she’s into you, count your lucky stars because she sees you as rare as she is.

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