Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility

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The compatibility between Gemini women and Scorpio men can lead to lasting friendships and passionate relationships, but a Gemini and Scorpio marriage isn't guaranteed to work out. One of the major drawbacks between the match is that they have a tendency to annoy each other when they fail to understand the other person's personality.

Scorpios can become overly depressed and dark, which can cause problems with lighthearted, upbeat Geminis. Sometimes they can fall crazy in love when their mutual lover, for change drives them. When the love is passionate, it can assuage the Gemini's deep need for passion, and the Gemini can help the Scorpio understand that not everything in life needs to be so serious.

Gemini and Scorpio in Bed

Geminis and Scorpios will have to work through their emotions to be able to connect together in an intimate relationship. These signs are so far apart from each other in the emotional world that it can cause a disconnect that takes away from a sexual relationship. Geminis can be superficial, and their lack of emotion and need for fun and light sex can be the worst-case scenario for a Scorpio: for a Scorpio to truly become passionate in bed, they require a deep emotional connection.

Intimacy can be successful between the two if the Scorpio can become relaxed by the Gemini's lightheartedness. Once relaxed, the Scorpio can give in more to their creative side, helping spice up bedroom activities to please the Gemini. But if the Scorpio gives into their dark, masochistic side and the Gemini is unable to laugh this behavior off, it can lead to disaster.

Gemini and Scorpio Communication

Communication is a strong point between the Gemini and Scorpio relationship. Geminis can communicate with anyone, and the Scorpio's nature will feed into their curiosity and peak their intrigue. If and when the Scorpio gets into their dark mood, the Gemini will continue to communicate unless the mood gets too depressive.

The only issue with communication may come from the Scorpio who often seeks communication from those with the same depth as themselves. When paired with someone that is more superficial, then they are likely to try to dominate the conversation. If they share common interests or have similar goals, then communication can be even more successful, and it is a great starting point to build a relationship on.

Gemini and Scorpio Love Compatibility

When it comes to love in a Gemini and Scorpio relationship, trust can have a significant effect. A Scorpio will trust their partner deeply, but when the partner appears to be flaky or disrespectful, that trust can be quickly broken. A Gemini's flirty and playful nature can easily trigger jealousy and distrust. The Gemini's knack for communication may sometimes save the day, but this can only work for so often. In the end, the trust with your Scorpio may not be able to be repaired.

The lack of compatibility that can damage their sex life can also make the relationship so frustrating for both that they may easily give up on each other. If one falls in love first, and that feeling is not reciprocated, then it can be hard for them to synchronize and the relationship may be over before it begins.

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