Gemini and Cancer Compatibility

Gemini Sign Cancer Sign

Gemini men and women have a dual nature that enables them to hide their true feelings from the world around them. They can present outwardly as confident and in charge while feeling insecure on the inside. A Gemini is drawn to the peaceful and positive nature of the Cancer, but the Gemini is impatient and tends to overlook how their Cancer partner might feel about the topics of love and sex.

The Cancer is drawn to the Gemini's promise of excitement and adventure in bed and beyond. However, the Gemini's restless energy is at odds with the Cancer's quiet demeanor and moody disposition. A Gemini is always looking for adventure, while the Cancer prefers to stay at home. Ultimately, the qualities that attracted the Cancer to the Gemini can lead to a difficult relationship because their core natures are at odds with one another — even though they're right next to each other on the zodiac chart. Gemini and Cancer are not the most compatible signs on the astrological charts .

Gemini vs. Cancer Love

Gemini and Cancer are perfectly capable of forming friendships that last. But a romantic relationship can put a strain on both partners because their core natures are so different. It would stand to reason that the two signs have astrological compatibility due to their side-by-side position on the zodiac chart, but anything can happen between the pairing of a Gemini and a Cancer.

While Gemini and Cancer are capable of understanding each other very well without much effort, their inner cores are very different from one another. A Gemini is often unpredictable while a Cancer tends to be moody. The unpredictable nature of the Gemini can cause the Cancer to feel insecure in the relationship, which can lead to resentment. But the exact opposite can happen when both Gemini and Cancer acknowledge the innate understanding they have of one another. If the two decide that marriage is right for them, they can form a lasting bond that deepens as the years pass.

Gemini and Cancer in Bed

The personality clashes between Gemini and Cancer may come to a head in the bedroom. The quiet Cancer and the talkative Gemini challenge each other in bed to the point where they might be able to find pleasure with each other all through the night. With enough effort, the Gemini breaks past Cancer's reluctance to engage and the fireworks can begin. Cancer wants to be romanced, while Gemini wants to get down to business. Both have to negotiate to get what they want.

It's up to Gemini to break through the inhibitions of Cancer, and it's up to Cancer to let Gemini through their defenses. Gemini enjoys the challenge of picking the locks of their Cancer partner in order to deliver the utmost pleasure. In turn, Cancer gets their emotional needs met, as well as sexual adventure from their inventive Gemini partner.

The dual nature of the Gemini and the mercurial moods of the Cancer can result in relationships that work well or not at all. Both signs are naturally attracted to one another, but once the Gemini reveals their hidden faces to the Cancer, it's up to the Cancer to decide on pursuing the relationship further. Zodiac signs that rest together on the chart don't always signify zodiac compatibility.

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