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Top Psychic Advisor / 20+ Years of Experience / Psychic, Empath, Clairvoyant
The Leo woman - As her name suggests, she is all lion. Her ruling planet is the sun itself, so it’s no wonder that she feels that the world quite literally revolves around her. With fire as her element, everything is hot, burning or already scorched. Examples of famous Leo women are Lisa Kudrow, Meghan Markle, and J.K. Rowling. Read on for a detailed description of a Leo woman. Keep reading to get a full understanding of these fiery lionesses.

Personality Traits of a Leo Woman

The Leo woman wants what she wants. She is the master of manifesting her life. Her goals are what drives her to succeed and succeed is what she does best. She’s the very best at getting her desires fulfilled, and love is no exception. Whatever it is that she sets her mind to, she gets it. She’s not the type to be bogged down by anyone else who she may be affected by. Her ruling planet is, in actual fact, not a planet at all but a star! So it’s no wonder that she expects the world to revolve around her and see her shine. In her eyes, it’s beyond an expectation, it’s a fact. Whether or not you agree is irrelevant to her. She’s the first in line even when she’s late. The actual star of the show, her light shines for all to see. I am Leo, hear me roar!

Marriage and Family Life of Leo Women

Her family life is a challenging one. Having to share the spotlight with a child or sibling can be tricky. Especially when there are multiple Leo’s involved. She loves and adores her children and will do everything and anything for them. They are also an extension of herself. So they have to be well cared for, look great and do well at whatever it is that they choose to do. Even at home, her children know that her needs and desires can sometimes supersede their own, but she won’t let them go hungry.

On the contrary, she’s a doting mother and caregiver. But it’s not unheard for the Leo woman to steal the spotlight at her own child’s birthday party. The Leo woman is often a fantastic mother and keeper of the home. Everything is spotless, only the best furniture, up to date styles and fashion for everyone. Cooking is something that she takes to the next level. Food is her secret love weapon. One taste is all it usually takes to keep you coming back for more.

Leo woman Leo woman

Who Will a Leo Woman Fall in Love With?

Wondering how to get a Leo woman to fall in love? For the Leo woman appearance is everything. Her public image is flawless. She always looks great and portrays a picture of perfect confidence. She takes every opportunity to show off her looks, intelligence, good fortune and can be especially proud of her belongings and offspring. Even her partner is someone that has to be shown off. She does not settle for frogs. The Leo woman wants a prince out of the box. She is ok with doing some work to get you where you need to be but won’t settle for anything less than someone that can share the spotlight with her. You are going to have to either be: A. Good looking, B. Rich, C. Ultra successful, D. All of the above.

Negative Traits of a Leo Woman

It’s not that she’s shallow, she’s not. It’s that you have to compliment her. Falling in love for her means falling in love with an idea. Not the person behind the mask, just the image that they portray. It’s easy for her to get caught in ideals, in fame and materialism. Her negative traits can be difficult for her to manage. The Leo woman behavior that can be the most difficult to deal with is that she’s the last one to take responsibility for her shortcomings. Anything that challenges her self confidence is rejected outright. So self-reflection is avoided as much as possible. The Leo Woman can suffer from anxiety at a very high level. Because her ruling planet is the Sun, she needs people to orbit her. She does not do well alone, at all. She needs a following, the more people in her orbit, the better. She doesn’t like to be challenged by her equals. Instead, she will try to surround herself with followers. With people that will admire her and that will never point out her flaws. Transactional friendships for her are not out of the norm either.

description of a Leo woman description of a Leo woman

A Leo Woman in Love & Relationships

She holds herself to a higher standard. It helps her set goals that create higher than reasonable expectations for herself and those around her. Her motives are her success, well being and happiness. She loves travel, music, dance and the joy that comes with being in the presence of those that she loves. Family is important to her, without them she risks loneliness, so she keeps those that she loves close. No one appreciates family as much as she does. No one quite gets that dynamic as well as she does either. She’s charitable. Children have an especially significant place in her heart. It’s not uncommon for her to focus all of her philanthropic energy on children’s needs. She’s a child at heart. She makes a loud roar but can be like a kitten. For as strong as she is, she is equally soft. Because she’s unable to process the pain of rejection from those that she loves, it makes her love complete and overwhelming. If she has her eyes set on you, expect her passion to shine a light so bright that it blinds you to everything and anything else in your path. Expect a love a lot like that of the sun. The kind that helps you grow into your best self, nurturing and encouraging. Giving you the benefit of keeping away the doubts of darkness, brightening your days and ensuring that you are part of one of the greatest adventures that you will ever be in.

Every zodiac sign has its own characteristics and personality traits, but to get the complete picture a personalized astrological chart is needed. There are some universal facts about Leo women, but knowing where all the planets were at the time and location she was born can provide deeper insights, understanding, and compatibility information. For a personal astrology reading via live online chat, or over the phone, contact me or any of the other professional, experienced astrologers on Kasamba.

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