Psychic Yazmin

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Dream Analysis



Caring,warm and friendly intuitive dream psychic, who can analyse your dreams and find out what changes are ahead. Other Specialties  
About My Services

Hello, my name is Psychic Yazmin, Dreams can represent so many things.

Allow me to interpret your dreams and help you unfold deep secrets and hidden feelings.

Dreams have symbolic meanings that can be interpreted and can help you in you're waking life.

Tell me you're dreams and I can share with you what you're dreams are trying to tell you within you're life.

A dream can have symbolic symbols and images that are important to you're life presently.

We can explore the things within you're daily life to relate to you're dream.

Experience & Qualifications

Aware of Psychic abilities from 12 years old and aware of my own abilities through spiritual awareness.

Giving private readings, 1998-Current.

I have read for family and friends and professionally, giving them insight into what I see going on presently within their life's.

Attended a spiritualist group in South East England.2001-Current (varied and open)

I have been part of a spiritual group where we connect to spirit.


Professional psychic and advisor since 1998. Psychic awareness since the age of 12 years old.