About My Services

The Hours You Can Usually Find Me Online are:

7am to 10:30am, 1:00pm to 5pm, 8pm to 10pm, 11:30pm past midnight. And other times throughout the day or night and all are in U.S. EASTERN TIME ZONE.

Life can be tough at times, especially today with the economy being as hard as it is. Allow me the opportunity to show you through spirit the opportunities that are ahead of you in the future for your financial well being.

Experience & Qualifications

Through the help of Spirit, my guide Stephen and through tarot; I am able to help you with your financial future and have been giving readings based on finances online for over 10 years. If your feeling upset over your finances and need someone to talk to who will give you expert advice or you have a fear over finances, then pay me a visit today!

Quietsound(sm) is a Service Mark for Psychic Services/Expert Advice


Certification by the Tarot Certification Board as a Professional Tarot Reader and Psychic