About My Services

Love and Relationships affects us all and sometimes that part of our lives runs smoothly while at other times it does not. Sometimes we need to find someone that is our ideal of who we have been looking for. Sometimes we just want to take a look at what will be in future. I can help you with that through my spiritual guide Raymond who relays information to me about you and your situation in regards to love and relationships. If you would like to know about someone in your life I will just need your first name, date of birth, and the other person's first name. If you are looking for new love, I can tell you when you would find that and initials or perhaps letters in the person's name plus a description of the person. Perhaps you have confusion and misunderstandings concerning a lost love and you don't know where it all went wrong and you can't move on until you do. My guides can provide the answers that you are looking for. Each reading is unique to that person and anything is possible during a reading. Visit me today for a truly unique experience.

Experience & Qualifications

I come to Kasamba with over 30 years of experience and have been with them since 2002. Psychic abilities have been handed down in my family through 4 generations which for me started at the young age of 6. Just a note about my readings and what to expect during it. Please be aware that during our session I only repeat what my two guides tell me to tell you and that you may or may not like to hear what they have to say. I am only the messenger. My advice to you is that if you cannot handle the truth then it may be best to find someone else to do your reading.


I hold a certificate for Spiritual Counseling for beginners and studying Spiritual Counseling 101 having to do with all matters of life including Love and Relationships.