About My Services

Born into a generational line of psychic women, I have had the privilege of natural born psychic abilities that give me accurate and trusted insight into the future, and into peoples lives. With a fortune telling reading, I will help you get clear insight, guidance, and direction on your current life path. All fortune telling information comes from the highest of guides through channeling, tarot, and connections with spirit guides. What does your future hold? Find out now :)

Experience & Qualifications

As a natural born psychic, I have had life long connections to the higher realms, spirits, and guides that have assisted myself and hundreds of thousands of others, around the world, with accuracy and honesty in all of their life questions for fortune telling, and the future of their current life path. I have worked all over the world through my online business at Awaken Your Life. I have worked with Best American Psychics, and done accurate fortune telling readings for friends, family, and neighbors, locally as well. The greatest joy of these readings, is seeing the truth of them, unfold!


Past Life Regression, Priestess, Tarot, Dream Analysis