About My Services

I only handle real problems that you may have or your mate may have concerning intimacy and sexual issues especially if it's affecting your love and relationship. I am a love and relationship expert and have helped thousands of clients with confidence and privacy. Sometimes misunderstandings take place and I am able to sort through that and give you a psychic's view/ an intuitive view into why and what is going on. A lot of couples/people have a very hard time expressing how they feel and their true feelings and some have actual sexual blocks or hormone imbalances that can cause all sorts of intimacy problems. Some people are even embarrassed by even bringing up the fact that they are having problems. I can help you unscramble this mess and help you gain clarity.

Experience & Qualifications

NO obscene behavior is tolerated in this chat room so if you come in wanting something obscene I will leave the room. My services being offered are for counseling couples who are married or not married with their intimacy and sexual issues in order to make their marriages and relationships work and be successful. Don't suffer any longer. Lets see if we can find out what the confusion is all about and together we can make a plan that will help you overcome this obstacle.


Spiritual and Behavior Counseling Methods provided by The Universal Class in which I hold a certificate for.