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About My Services

Hello, my name is Psychic Yazmin, I am a Love and Relationship expert. I am able too assist you with dilemmas which you maybe experiencing. If you're feeling doubtful about you're lovers intentions, I can tell you what they are. Maybe you suspect you're partners seeing someone else I can tell you a yes or a no. There are times you simply may not be communicating or articulating how you both feel. I will help you see these blocks, lets see how too deal with this Whatever the problem is, let me guide you through too find the answers you need in love! . We can work on how you can implement change and realistic goals. I am here to support, give advice, and guide you through dark times, Allow me to read for you and show you what a true spiritual reading should be. "All readings are for entertainment purposes"

Experience & Qualifications

Giving private readings, 1998-Current.

Attended a spirtualist group in South East England.2001-Current (varied and open)

I have attended psychic circles that enhance and develop my mediumship skills.

I have been aware of my psychic gifts from the age of 12 years old.

I had a strong premonition that triggered off my journey into the spirit world.

This allowed me to follow a divine purpose to work with people who wish to seek help.

I have over 20 years of experience of providing readings to clients and through mediumship and group sessions.

I developed and enhanced my psychic abilities through spiritual church and closed psychic circles.

These allow you to enhance your spiritual skills.

I have been able to develop my psychic skills and instantly pick up what is surrounding clients.

I connect with speed and accuracy to tell you information that you will only know exclusively.

And I will confirm your questions and interests without any doubt of my strong psychic skills.

I am intuitively gifted to connect to your inner spiritual self and answer questions that you have not yet mentioned.

I will wash away fears that you have and insecurities that you wish to talk about and to be supported in addressing.

Together in my reading with you, I can help give you the accuracy and attention that your circumstance deserves.


Professional psychic and advisor since 1998. Psychic awareness since the age of 12 years old.