About My Services

I perform Spiritual Guide Readings and expert relationship readings having to do with the single life and dating...If you want to know if someone you are dating is a keeper or a dead end, then come to me for the answers...all matters are kept confidential. I offer email readings if you feel comfortable with that type of communication.

Experience & Qualifications

I am a fourth (4th) generation Psychic reader who specializes in dating and the single life. I have helped guide thousands in this area and I have over 30 years of Professional Experience. I have worked on Kasamba/Live Person since 2002 but have worked online professionally since 1998. Quietsound(sm) is a Service Mark for Psychic Services/Expert Advice


I hold a Certificate for Spiritual Counseling for beginners and studying Spiritual Counseling 101 through the Universal Class.Com, Inc. and I hold a Certification with the Tarot Certification Board in July of 2001.