About My Services

Do you ever wonder if your soul mate is with you in this life time? Do you wonder if you have had past life times with your soul mate? Do you ever wonder if the person you just met or have been with for awhile is your soul mate? Do you? Well, I do. Through the help of my two spiritual guides I can pass along that knowledge to you. Please visit me for a unique experience. I offer email readings if you are more comfortable with that type of communication.

Experience & Qualifications

Professional Reader for over 30 years. I have been with Kasamba/Live Person since 2002. My Psychic abilities have been handed down in my family through 4 generations however my journey started at the age of 6. I have a lot of experience with Soul Mates as I know the differences between them, Soul Travelers and Twin Flame Soul Mates.


Spiritual Counseling for beginners. Spiritual Counseling 101. Reiki Master, Certified Tarot Reader and Psychic Medium