About My Services

On occasion I will read on multiple past lives. Most of the time I will simply report the one past life that I am able to get the most detail on. I try to pick out the most interesting parts of a past life out to write on. But, I do not gloss things over. I'm not looking to spin a yarn, so to speak. As with my readings all the other categories, accuracy takes precedence to entertainment. Of course, I do hope you enjoy the reading though! I've been giving these past life readings for the past 12 years. They are usually positive, and always enlightening. I have aided over 5,000 clients in navigation of their cosmic past. A transcendent experience is within arms reach. Your good deeds will not go unrewarded when you give proper reverence to the power of the soul. Liberate yourself from frustration and anxiety. I usually take about 90 seconds to connect. From that point forward, I am to the point and accurate. Whether you want to do all the talking, or say nothing at all, my readings will suit your personality. I am sensitive to your needs and adaptable. I take pride in being realistic. I recognize that the best thing a person can hear is the truth, even if it is not ideal to hear at the time.

Experience & Qualifications

Born and based in The United States. 12 years of professional experience in metaphysics, spirituality and past life readings. For the past few years I have served as an instructor in alternative medicine and healing.


Bachelor's in political science.