About My Services

Pictures give off energy and impressions which I can read through the help of my two spiritual guides. It can be a picture of someone you care about, it can be a place, it can be a picture of captured strange blurs or white lines, etc. I can unscramble the mystery.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been reading photo's for 15 years now. I incorporate reading the photo with asking your guides questions about it through my own two guides. I can tell you whether a person has true feelings for you, whether they are lying, hiding, etc. If there is white mark on the picture or blurs I can tell you what they are and what they mean. The best way to do this is to send me an email through the system, and tell me what your wanting to know about your photo...I will then set a price and you can upload the photo from that point. We can either do it by email or you could come back into live chat to discuss the results...it's totally your choice.

I basically need to know the first name of the person, place or thing, I need to know your first name, your date of birth, and your questions that you would like to know.


Certification by the Tarot Certification Board as a Professional Tarot Reader and Psychic