About My Services

Psychic Counseling and Tarot Card readings Spiritual Guide Readings and Contacting of loved ones who have crossed over Past Life Readings Love Readings Pet Readings Intuitive Psychic Readings Do you ever wonder if your soul mate is with you in this life time? Do you wonder if you have had past life times with your soul mate? Do you ever wonder if the person you just met or have been with for awhile is your soul mate? Do you? Well, I do. Through the help of my two spiritual guides I can pass along that knowledge to you. Please visit me for a unique experience. I offer email readings if you are more comfortable with that type of communication.

Experience & Qualifications

Do you need answers? Quietsound is able to hear the voices of spiritual guides and angels who relay messages about you and your life situations to her through the tarot cards. She is able to tell you what someone feels about you as well as initials of new loves coming into your life and when. She is a no nonsense reader who tells it like it is. If you would like some good old fashioned honesty, then pay her a visit. Quietsound comes from a long lineage of psychics and mediums who have help tempered her amazing gifts. At the age of 12, Quietsound began to hear and experience voices from deceased loved ones who crossed over to the other side and was able to astonish friends and family of her amazing gifts of relay. She was able to save her favorite aunt from harm one day as a burglar was breaking in just at the time her aunt was to reach home. After Quietsound received this message from Raymond, her master guide, she was able to get in touch with her aunt at work and keep her occupied and out of harms way. Quietsound has helped guide thousands of people with every aspect of their life journey. She has had more than 30 years of professional experience and has offered her services on line for many years. She's very proud and honored to be able to offer her services here on Kasamba. Using her gifts and talents are both a joy and a pleasure and she works just as hard for you whether your one of her existing clients or if your brand new. Please give her the opportunity to serve you this day.


Certification by the Tarot Certification Board as a Professional Tarot Reader and Psychic