Insightful Natasha

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Tarot Reading



I have been reading tarot cards from age 9 when my grandmother first gifted me my first deck. I have learned to master them with expertise, allow my tarot and angel card decks to shed light on any situation you may have to go on in your life at the moment. Other Specialties  
About My Services

Hi, my name is Natasha. I give detailed and straightforward answers to all of life’s questions, but love and relationships are my specialties. I can connect into your energy to provide detailed honest, and accurate answers to give you the clarity you need. I have 20 years of experience working with others, helping them in their time of need to provide them with the support needed to overcome the obstacles they are facing. I can provide guidance on these questions and more. Are they my soulmate? Should I move on? Will my marriage last? Is there someone out there me? Will I get the job/be promoted? Will have success in finances?

Experience & Qualifications

20 years of experience, giving readings both in person and over the phone. I am a 3rd generation psychic taught at a young age by my mother and grandmother. My abilities include: Empath (can feels other’s emotions) Clairvoyance (Seeing) Claircognizance (Knowing) Clairaudience (Hearing) Tarot cards Reiki healing life and love Coaching


master psychc and reiki healer