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I am a psychic readings expert and I can predict the future and tell you about you're past. Other Specialties  
About My Services

Hi my name is Yazmin I am Clairvoyant /Empath /Intuitive.

I understand the importance in giving readings to people

I also acknowledge how great the insight can help another in a difficult time in your life.

My readings are assisted by my spirit guides.

I get images and feelings that i interpret too you giving you guidance with your situation. .

My Spiritual gifts are assisted with the following:


My Spirtual guides who assist in me being able to predict and link in to current circumstances.They are sometimes people who have died and are now in spirit.


This skill will allow you to see clearly or predict the future through pictures, images, signs and symbols.


This skill enables me to feel emotions and what other people are feeling and what are the issues that effect progression in a situation.


This skill enables me to hear sounds or voices from spirit in regards to current events or situations.


I am also someone who is an empathic who is able to truely feel what you are experiencing relating to the situation

Experience & Qualifications

Aware of Psychic abilities from 12 years old.

Giving private readings, 1998-Current.

Attended a spirtualist group in South East England.2001-Current (varied and open)


Professional Psychic and Advisor since 1998. Psychic awareness since the age of 12 years old.