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powerful and clear insight ,I provide calm and clear answers and all your is always best to be armed with the truth so you know what your next and best move should be. Other Specialties  
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Why hasn't he called you yet? Are you waiting and wondering if you were wrong all along? Is there more confusion than facts? Don't be afraid! This too shall pass! I will give you clear direction, give you a clear picture as to what is to come your way, details, things that I have frankly no business knowing. You might be shocked at times at the things I tell you. Even more shocked when the predictions that you think are impossible happen! Don't believe me? Look at my feedback!

Experience & Qualifications

Over 20 years experience in readings. I have spiritual certifications from many different feilds and beleif systems. I'm a born warrior and prophet. My gifts are not a laughing matter. But you might find yourself laughing never the less! I am very down to earth and have a quick wit about me that makes my humour pretty contagious! I am not at all judgemental. So whatever your situation is, whatever your question is, know that you are in good hands and it's my business to get you point A to point B. It's not my place or anyone else' to tell you otherwise! If you feel it in your heart, that's all that matters! I'm here to facilitate the process


Born with a veil, gifted from birth. I have experienced things in my life that would bring most to their knees. I have overcome each and every one with the help of my guides and God who has blessed me greatly!