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Aries love compatibility

Mar 21 • Apr 19

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Aries Love Compatibility

Aries are adventurous and energetic, quick-witted and entertaining.They can be exciting love mates but can be quick-tempered and impulsive as well. While at times selfish and impatient, they can also be very alluring and will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Aries's Outlook on Love:

Aries generally are not looking for a long-term relationship, although at times true romance does happen to find them. Passion is very important to the Arian and a desirable relationship for them would be a love that leaves an impact on their very soul.

Aries's Romantic Side:

Aries are the Don Juan of the zodiac, as they will captivate you and make you swoon for more. They enjoy the thrill of the game of love more than the outcome of the game. It is not the winning of a lover but the wooing of a lover that matters to Aries.

What Turns a Aries On:

Aries seek lovers who will not bind them to too many rules or conditions. Aries prefer mates with a high sex drive who will enjoy their own personal freedom and are independent. They do not like to mince words or play games with their lover and are turned on by someone who is free-spirited yet direct and to the point.

Aries Plays Nice With:

Arians are most compatible with other Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. However, they can have harmonious relationships with Gemini and Aquarius.

Aries Should Stay Away From:

Aries should avoid Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, and Virgo.

All sun signs have similar traits but no two of any sign will be exactly the same. A full chat would need be run in order to determine your love signs most realistic traits. Male and female of the same sign also have different traits as well. The articles above are simply an overview. For more detailed information on your love mate please see one of our astrologers.

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