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Aries love compatibility

Mar 21 • Apr 19

Taurus love compatibility

Apr 20 • May 20

Gemini love compatibility

May 21 • Jun 21

Cancer love compatibility

Jun 22 • Jul 22

Leo love compatibility

Jul 23 • Aug 22

Virgo love compatibility

Aug 23 • Sep 22

Libra love compatibility

Sep 23 • Oct 23

Scorpio love compatibility

Oct 24 • Nov 21

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Nov 22 • Dec 21

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Dec 22 • Jan 19

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Jan 20 • Feb 18

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Gemini Love Compatibility

The Gemini is a quick-witted, intellectual, adaptable, and cunning individual who can adjust to nearly any situation with ease. However, they can also be inconsistent and keep you wondering where you stand. Gemini is the perfect partner to have on your arm at a gathering or any type of social affair, but they may not be dependable to show up as they are quick to adjust their plans and indecisive at times.

Gemini's Outlook on Love:

Gemini are curious creatures who deeply desire a profound everlasting love but are skeptical of this kind of love being a reality. Gemini seek comfort and attention in love as they need to be the primary focus of their mate. However, they also need a lot of wiggle room and independence.

Gemini's Romantic Side:

Gemini are very expressive verbally, outwardly, and sexually, and will keep their lover entertained on all levels. The Gemini has the creativity and imagination to stage the most romantic scenes for romance and lovemaking and will indulge your every sense in doing so, providing you have inspired them.

What Turns a Gemini On:

Gemini is turned on by someone who makes them the center of their focus and indulges their need for communication and fantasy alike. Gemini is a dual-natured sign who needs both their intellectual and their dreamer side appealed to.

Gemini Plays Nice With:

Gemini is best suited for Aries, Leo, Aquarius, and to some degree Sagittarius.

Gemini Should Stay Away From:

Gemini does not usually fair well with Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, or Scorpio.

All sun signs have similar traits but no two of any sign will be exactly the same. A full chat would need be run in order to determine your love signs most realistic traits. Male and female of the same sign also have different traits as well. The articles above are simply an overview. For more detailed information on your love mate please see one of our astrologers.

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