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Libra Love Compatibility

Libra strives for a harmonious balance in all aspects of life, and love is no exception. Libra desires an uncomplicated, easygoing lifestyle, yet sometimes they can be too indecisive or even naive and miss out on good romantic possibilities.

Libra's Outlook on Love:

Because Libra has an innate need for balance and harmony, Libra tends to look at love as obtainable, yet they lack the security at times to pursue it. Libra needs an equal amount of being pursued and being the pursuer to feel confidence when seeking a long-term relationship.

Libra's Romantic Side:

While Libra will rarely be an extremist in any specific display affection for their mate, they are steadfast and have the utmost care for those they love. Libra has the uncanny knack of finding true intimacy by connecting with their loved one’s mind, body, spirit, and soul, not to mention their hearts.

What Turns a Libra On:

Libra is turned on by kindness and generous people who really can get in touch with their own inner emotions. Libra needs communication and to share with their partner fully, so by being open-minded, kind to others, and able to share your thoughts and feelings you may find you have won the heart of the Libra!

Libra Plays Nice With:

Libra does quite well with Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

Libra Should Stay Away From:

Libra should avoid Cancer, Virgo, and Scorpio.

All sun signs have similar traits but no two of any sign will be exactly the same. A full chat would need be run in order to determine your love signs most realistic traits. Male and female of the same sign also have different traits as well. The articles above are simply an overview. For more detailed information on your love mate please see one of our astrologers.

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