Gemini love horoscope

by Psychic Andi



Saturn's entrance into your seventh house of relationships late in December started the New Year with you taking commitments a little more seriously. Your ruler Mercury in your ninth house of ideals goes retrograde January 21st, leaving you to question if your needs are going to be met or if it's time to change things for yourself. Just make sure you're not getting stuck in thoughts of the past as Saturn turns retrograde on March 14th or you might fall back into comfortable old routines without even trying! This could really be put to the test by someone during the full moon eclipse on April 4th in your fifth house of romance. Venus entering into your sign on April 11th has you feeling that you'll need to be honest with others about your expectations. But Mercury retrogrades again on May 18th -- this time in your sign -- just a few days before the sun enters into your sign on the 21st, leading you to think that maybe you're just not even sure what it is that you DO want. Venus retrogrades on July 25th in your fourth house of stability and could make things more frustrating, but the Pisces Full Moon on August 29th just before Venus goes direct on September 6th has you seeing that your thoughts on your relationships are telling you that your own actions might not be matching up. If you're still holding onto bad habits, you'll need to let go of those to let 2015 and the Universe work its magic!

Famous Gemini: Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Paul McCartney

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