Libra love horoscope

by Psychic Andi



Your ruler Venus starts the year moving into your fifth house of romance on January 3rd and with the Cancer Full Moon the following day in your tenth house of responsibility, if you've wanted to pursue someone more seriously (or maybe the passion is too strong but the friendship needs some working), things will easily start coming together now. But the excitement might seem a little short-lived as Mercury turns retrograde on January 21st and the appreciation you were feeling could turn to suspicion of intention. Don't let your frustration lead to outbursts! Uranus in your seventh house of relationships squares off with Pluto in your fourth house of security on March 16th, giving you the possibility of tipping the scales out of balance if you feel you aren't being made a priority. The March 20th new moon eclipse in your sixth house of everyday life has you ready to make a decision with what you want to have for yourself and how much you're willing to compromise. But with Venus turning retrograde on July 25th in your twelfth house of endings, you might feel that starting over may be your only option if you're not able to find a sense of unity. Thankfully she turns direct September 6th, and the lunar eclipse in your seventh house on September 27th gives you the chance to relax with knowing where things stand. If you give as much as you receive in 2015, you'll find true happiness!

Famous Libras: Will Smith, Usher, Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow

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