Pisces love horoscope

by Psychic Andi



The start of the year has you feeling a little withdrawn from the hustle and bustle that's happening, and with Venus entering into your twelfth house of insecurities on January 3rd, you'll be feeling like it's time to take a deeper look at your partnerships and whether your connections could be reinforced more. But as Mercury turns retrograde in your twelfth house on January 21st, you might be feeling it's easier to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself until you have a better understanding of them! The lunar eclipse on April 4th in your eighth house of intimacy has you trying to step things up to the next level. Don't push yourself too much or you'll only continue to take two steps back after making one step forward. Your ruler Neptune turns retrograde on June 12th, leaving you to feel as though your romantic fantasies will only be that, but Mars enters your fifth house of love on June 24th and quickly gives you the affections you're looking for! And Venus enters into your seventh house of relationships on the July 18th, continuing to give you sweet tastes of bliss, but when she turns retrograde July 25th feelings of hopeless in relationships may get you down. However, the Aries Full Moon Eclipse in your second house of values on September 27th reminds you that much of 2015 is about understanding that you can't look to things outside your control to make you happy; a lot of your happiness is going to be what you're willing to create for yourself!

Famous Pisceans: Dakota Fanning, Drew Barrymore, Bruce Willis, Daniel Craig

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