Virgo love horoscope

by Psychic Andi



This year may start off being a little bit of a roller coaster for you as your ruler Mercury goes retrograde on January 21st in your sixth house of routines. And while you could feel like you've exhausted your options, thankfully Mars enters into your seventh house of partnerships on the 12th and with Venus following behind on January 27th, you'll soon see that others do really have your back! The Pisces Solar Eclipse is in your seventh house on March 20th while the sun moves into your eighth house of transformation and has you craving the little details and efforts that will have you seeing the bigger picture of your relationship. Just be careful not to rush into anything you aren't certain of! Mercury retrogrades again on May 18th, this time in your tenth house of authority, and you're ready to let others know you need things to really change. Situations might not be completely addressed until Venus retrogrades on July 25th and brings you right back to everything you had tried to avoid. While the sun enters into your sign on August 20th giving you a boost of optimism, things won't feel as though they're worked out until Venus goes direct on September 6th. The Aries Full Moon Eclipse on September 27th has you taking relationships in a new direction, but just watch that you're working together and you're not putting yourself in a protector role or you'll have 2016 starting with many of the same complications!

Famous Virgos: Beyonce Knowles, Pink, Michael Jackson, Adam Sandler

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