The page for each endpoint provides complete documentation on the endpoint: description, parameters, example requests and example responses.There is also a Dictionary and Error codes page to help you debug and understand what the service is doing. Finally, there is some example code that demonstrates how to use the API to pull down information in a variety of languages.

Background on Kasamba Entities

The major entities used in these APIs are the experts and categories. Understanding the relationship between these two is critical to understanding how the API behaves.

Displaying Experts and Chat

The most popular use of the Kasamba API is to display expert profiles and initiate chats from your site. This is easily accomplished by using the Category Profile Listing Endpoint to display expert profiles in a pre-determined category. As with all endpoints, this may be implemented server-side (via Java, Ruby, Python, C#, etc.) or client side (via JavaScript, flash, etc.) Use the contactLive or contactOffline URLs to open a new window that initiates a chat with the selected expert. The window will pop-up and allow the user to conduct a chat, without leaving your site.


When you publish an application build on the Kasamba API, please include a short attribution line with a link back to Kasamba after the expert grid, like this:

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