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By: Ask Cristina

Dear Cristina,

I love your column! I am having a really hard time of it lately; I feel like I constantly fight to keep everybody in my life and nobody bothers to fight for me. Will this ever change? I am a strong believer in my gut instinct and I feel like I have met my soul mate although we are having a rough time of it lately. Is my instinct right, is he who am I meant to be with and will we weather this recent storm? I really feel like this chapter of my life isn't over yet, and there is more to come from him and myself. I hope you can help me at this hard time.

--Danielle M.

Blessings Danielle,

There comes a time in everyone's life where one must turn the page. When it comes to keeping people in your life, you may ask yourself if you haven't outgrown these people or at least their attitudes. When it comes to family, their attitudes may not be matching your higher angel or your spirit and thus it may make you feel like you are down in the dumps a lot. When this happens, move on and love them anyway. In the end, the universe unfolds the way it's supposed to. You say no one bothers to fight for you, but what is really happening is they are so wrapped up in their own lives, they can't seem to see you struggle; therefore they can't help you with anything or be the supportive people you once knew. Turn the page and let them go for now. Do not allow others to take your joy. You can and will survive with or without them, and the good news is you are destined to have more friends and more people in your life in the future.

When it comes to your boyfriend, the answer is very simple. If you have to ask "is he my soul mate?" then chances are he is not. Because you know your soul mate without a shadow of a doubt, and you don't have the sort of arguments and disagreements that you've been having lately with your boyfriend. It is not over yet between you and your boyfriend because you still must learn from each other. You will learn about what you really want in this life and what you are willing to put up with. Deep down you know there is something missing in your relationship. Even though things are NOT over with your boyfriend, deep within you, you suspect there is someone else you are supposed to meet.

My prayers for your happiness today, my dear, and every day. Love and light. Namaste.

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