Tarot Card Meaning: The Chariot

By: Fruno

The Chariot is a Major Arcana Tarot card representing conquest. The victory sought comes through one's confidence and control. You will be able to overcome any obstacles or challenges by using your willpower. The card reveals that success in life comes more from dedication and hard work than by mere chance or accident. With dedication and focus you can realize your wishes and take pride in your own achievements. This is the time to use the strength of your willpower to overcome any obstacles or challenges. The force is with you!!

Regarding love, the chariot tells us to set boundaries and not allow others to pressure you into situations which are uncomfortable. It is time for honesty and sincere communications. Your inner strength and courage can make a positive difference with love. While embracing love with another, also realize it is important to love yourself as you are also an important child who lives in the universe.

Regarding work, it's important not to let the small issues to become larger ones. Patience and understanding are the goals here. It is time to use your intelligence and not be concerned about how others perceive you. Try not to waste time and stay focused on what is required of you.

In the reverse position the Chariot revels that you may be losing self-control over life situations. This is not the time to argue or become aggressive -- to do so would be a waste of energy and time. However, this is the time to keep the faith and to stand steadfast instead of collapsing under life's pressures.

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