Do You Know Your Halloween History?

By: Chrisalis

Soon Halloween will be upon us, the night when the spirits of the dead are closer around us than any other night of the year. But do you know how the holiday came about?

Halloween was originally a Celtic festival day known as Samhain which marks the end of summer and the beginning of winter. It was then taken up by the Christians to honor the saints and souls of those departed. It was Irish and Scottish immigrants who bought Halloween to the United States.

Next time you have a child at your door for trick-or-treat you may wish to think of a time centuries ago when the idea behind giving to someone who came to your door on Halloween was so they could better feed themselves and carry on through the long days of winter ahead. The Celts would also leave food offerings on their doorsteps for the wandering dead that were meant to walk the earth on this night, and people dressed in white almost as if they were ghosts themselves. Some dressed in disguise to fool the spirits around them if they were caught out after dark on Halloween. However, if you had known the spirit in life then that spirit would see through your disguise and be able to have contact with you.

This custom has continued throughout the world through the centuries, yet now children dress up in costume and trick-or-treat around the neighborhood just for fun! While the holiday is rarely celebrated for the original reasons these days, it still can be a great time to enjoy a unique spiritual connection, and not just indulge in sweets or silly costumes.

Take some time to yourself on Halloween and see if you can sense anything unusual. It may be the spirit of someone close to you who has passed on. You may like to have a pen and paper handy and note down any thoughts that come to you strongly at that time. Don't be afraid to ask any questions, the first and foremost being is the spirit someone you would want to have a conversation with. How can you tell this? Take note of your feelings. Are they positive or negative, do you feel comfortable within yourself for this type of communication? If your answer is no, then close down communication immediately by stating your intention to do so and encircling yourself in white light.

Whatever you decide to do this Halloween, I hope you have a fun-filled and playful night!

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