Clairvoyant Readings: The Psychic Clair-Senses and How They Work

Clairvoyant Readings: The Psychic Clair-Senses and How They Work

Broadly speaking and at a basic level, clairvoyance is the heightened psychic and intuitive awareness a person is born with, or develops later in life via lengthy psychic and spiritual learning and practice. Even though, linguistically, the term “clairvoyance” only refers to a psychically-improved ability to see (“clair” meaning “clear,” and “voyance” meaning “vision), over time for many of us the word has come to refer to all the known clair-senses, including heightened hearing (clairaudience), smelling (clairscent), tasting (clairgustance), feeling (clairsentience) etc.

Because each one of the clair-senses can be important and possibly game-changing in the course of a psychic reading, we’ll be referring to and explaining each one of them below. Note that when we use the term “clairvoyance,” more often than not we use it as an umbrella term for all the clair-senses.

Are clairvoyants real?

Many scientists, scholars and spiritual teachers believe that all babies are born with tremendous clair-sensitivity, but they lose touch with it over the years due to upbringing, education, and skepticism by parents and the society – what we are left with, then, over and over again, is a sea of adults who are cut off from their innate abilities and only a lucky few who’re still connected to them.

From time to time, even the most cut-off adult experiences a hunch, some instinct or feeling, that tells him or her “this street isn’t safe, get out,” or “this is your next job!” or “she is the one.” The clair-senses come to us in a variety of ways and they can easily transpire in a space beyond our conscious, habitual understanding. For example, we might be smelling danger as we enter a neighborhood, but we might not understand what it is exactly we’re smelling, let alone process it consciously. We just get a subtle yet compelling sense that we must get out of the area as soon as possible.

So, we’re all psychic, in a way, but just not enough to become practicing professional clairvoyants – such clairvoyants are in touch with their clair-senses on a daily basis, and can tune into them anytime they want and need.

How do the clairvoyants do it?

The clair-senses help gain information and insights about an event, person, location or object through “extrasensory” or extended perception – they have the ability to see, hear, smell, feel, and taste beyond the usual sensory range of the ordinary human being. It isn’t black-and-white really; the sensory range is wide and we’re talking about degrees of perception i.e. seeing more, hearing more, feeling more etc.

The psychic clairvoyants are people who’re much more in tune with what they are experiencing than most of us, as in, they know how to interpret what they feel – they can see, smell, or even hear love, fear, jealousy and a host of other emotions and realities, and they can name them as they are happening. For most of us, this type of understanding happens in hindsight, if it happens at all.

To put this in deeper perspective, for example, dogs can’t see the color red. Their retinas don’t allow for it. But dogs can accurately smell fear in the persons around them. Two questions arise from these facts – could it be that our human eyes also don’t see things that exist right in front of our eyes? And could we learn to extend our senses to be able to read our environment and the people around us better?

People who say clairvoyance doesn’t exist or that it isn’t real are like dogs who claim the color red doesn’t exist. While it’s fun to imagine our four-legged furry friends holding placards protesting against those who claim red exists, it goes to show that being blindly certain about matters of existence and the vast universe is probably not such a smart strategy.

The Psychic Clair-senses Explained

Clairvoyance: clear vision. Perceiving with the mind’s eye, inner vision, or extended visual capacity. It can include images from the past, present and future, as time doesn’t affect psychic perception – the same way smell lingers, images linger for those possessing sharp clairvoyance.

Clairaudience: clear hearing. The ability to hear people when they mumble or don’t actually use their voice, with the inner ear, again beyond ordinary time and space limitations. Clairaudience also includes the ability to hear spirit guides and deceased spirits.

Clairsentience: clear feeling. It’s the ability to feel deeply into situations, places, or people, tuning into the vibration and energy of all that’s present.

Clairscent: clear smelling. Heightened smell, again not bound by time or space.

Clairtangency: clear touching. The ability to perceive textures, beyond time and space.

Clairgustance: clear tasting. The ability to taste – not just food, but emotions, energies, or even memories, again beyond time and space.

Psychic readings-wise, what is a clairvoyant?

So, in the psychic world, a clairvoyant is someone who uses his or her clair-senses to be able to give you deep insights about your situation or question, whether it’s about the past, present or future, and about you or others, and how unexpected factors might be contributing to the situation.

In clairvoyants’ readings, you can expect anything – they can tell you about the images they see, images that might be showing the current situation or how it is likely to unfold, or they can share with you the types of emotions that are attached to the situation, along with what types of vibrations and energies the situation might be attracting.

Clairvoyants tend to provide detailed answers and insights when asked open-ended questions, as their clair-senses aren’t restricted and can help them freely associate all the feelings and insights that come to the surface of their consciousness with and during the reading at hand. In our experience, it’s better to go with a series of open-ended questions and explore the issue at hand from different perspectives, than to ask yes/no questions.

All clairvoyants, readers, cartomancers and all other psychic technique practitioners may need a few moments to tune in and center their attention. It’s only natural – think of it this way: when you first look at a painting at a museum, you too would need some time to be able to notice all the colors, themes and details. You’d need to take a step back to be able to see the whole picture, then zoom in more specifically to be able to explore smaller details – it really is just like that for clairvoyants.

How can a clairvoyant reading benefit you?

Clairvoyant readings can help you explore what you want out of life and where your life is headed. These psychics draw from your energies and vibrations and can provide guidance for any life area you wish to explore such as your relationships or career. These insights will help you with your important life decisions to live a happier life. You will be able to get closure on issues that have been troubling you and you will finally be able to close the door on situations that are holding you back. Essentially, a clairvoyant reading can set you on the path to inner peace.

how do the clairvoyants do it?  how do the clairvoyants do it?

How to make the most out of your clairvoyant reading

To make the most out of your clairvoyant reading, use your free three minutes to find the right clairvoyant for your current needs. Perhaps you already have a clairvoyant you’ve worked with and trust, but if you don’t, it’s best to “shop around” before you commit to one.

Check out different profiles, take a look at reviews and ratings, and when you’re ready, use your free minutes to get to know your selected clairvoyant to make sure they are the right one for you, right now.

During this time, you can ask them questions about their psychic and spiritual techniques, if they have expertise in what you’re looking for, or begin asking your personal questions to start exploring the issue at hand. Remember, asking open-ended questions tends to yield better, more detailed results and readings. Asking why, how or what questions will really help you get an in-depth view of an issue.

Have patience and work with your psychic, not against them – even if they’re telling you things you don’t want to hear. Try to explore the issue further and deeper, and understand more details. Ask more questions, including if and how you can change or prevent undesired outcomes – it could very well be that your actions today can change tomorrow.

You might want to give them some background, or any information that you deem relevant or crucial, to be able to provide them the big picture (think of the museum example above) for them to be able to provide you with the unseen details. You could start by telling them about the work you do or about your relationships. Discuss how you feel about certain issues that are on your mind. You don’t want to give away too much though, so that you can receive an open and honest reading.

Come prepared to your reading with any questions you have. Write down all the questions you are looking for insights on so that you don’t forget any so that you get the most value for your money.

If you’re happy with your clairvoyant and the reading you were given, add your clairvoyant reader to your Favorites list to be able to find them asap the next time you want a reading.

Make sure to rate and review your clairvoyant after your reading – it helps create an honest and supportive online community for psychic-advice seekers worldwide.
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