World Predictions for 2018

Written by Kasamba Advisor Divine Messenger Zuco
2018 World Predictions2018 World Predictions

What do psychics say about 2018? I took the liberty of looking at some more famous psychic predictions and I’ll try to avoid touching on what others have already said. I’m very much a skeptic at heart, so if I say it, I believe it and have already looked at it from every possible angle.


World Predictions for 2018

Welcome to Earth 3.0. It’s new, strange and an ever-changing place. We are entering a new fast-paced world of transformation, both political and social. The world is evolving at a pace never before seen. That process is one that can be both rewarding and at times quite painful.

Our differences have become evident and less tolerable. It's us vs. them. It's a story where everyone is right, and everyone else is wrong. The age of confrontation and standing up for oneself has arrived. Everyone's voice is louder than the next. On the surface, everything looks unsettled and frightening. What was up is now down. The usual rules no longer apply. It’s a time of change and transformation. We are in the midst of a reset on a worldwide scale. Power is moving away from the usual players to new ones, from a pure male mindset to one that is more feminine and flexible but losing nothing in strength.


World Predictions for 2018

Unfortunately, I’m foreseeing a series of catastrophic meteorological events in 2018. They will be greater in scope than ever recorded in modern history. They will be first ever events and one of a kind phenomenons.

The term climate change will be replaced by something else, giving the problem a new name and designation. Politicians and world leaders will take up the cause and we will all follow. Deniers will become believers and there will be a significant shift in thinking for the better. There will also be a tremendous social drive to evolve and change. Views at the fringes of environmental policy today will become the standard. I’m predicting that Elon Musk will introduce a solution to at least one area of climate change and be hailed a hero.


World Predictions for 2018

Artificial Intelligence will be a part of everyone's life. Even the most technologically averse will interact with AI in some way, shape or form, thus accelerating the process by which we all become part of a new mindset - one where it’s OK that machines make decisions for us. We’ll consider anyone who doesn’t think the same as a bit out of touch with the times. Machine learning, as it’s called, will go a long way toward improving everyone's existence, everywhere. It will reshape the horizon for humanity. This will be the year where you will fall into two camps, one for it or one against it. You will embrace the new changes and potential for the future or you will be against it. Even as society jumps head first into connected life, others will revolt.

I see some will instead seek out nature in its purest forms, being disconnected in every single way. A new movement will be born. This branching away from theologies that hinder us will allow humanity to come together in the middle. Not long from now, cars will be owned for a lifetime, with components easily swapped out for newer more advanced versions. We’ll go to great lengths to reduce and reuse what we already have, instead of trying to suck out the very last drop of resources that we can from Mother Earth. Popular culture will evolve. When society makes everyone's universal well being a priority, a domino effect will be set off that will make the world a better place. It can’t happen without a radical change of beliefs and that is precisely what I see growing by leaps and bounds this year. In a way, it is best described as a re-alignment towards the right path for humanity.


World Predictions for 2018

Mother Nature, being a strong independent woman, is not having any of this by the way. She has already made some unequivocal statements about what the consequences are for ignoring her. She's already called to her children the world over. There are several movements afoot that have taken root, like spreading the gospel of the Herb, Mushroom and the Vine. The tenets being - we are all one, the Earth requires our protection, and to share a divine love with one another. The message is one of a purer love. It's not about sexual liberty, it's about liberating the body, mind, and spirit and being in harmony with nature, the people around us, and ourselves.

The Divine Love of Mother Nature will be behind a mass spiritual awakening. The unbridled creative power of pure femininity is rising. What began with the women’s rights movement is now fast becoming a stronger push for an end to abuse in every form against women. Whether at work in an office or as a movie star, a line has been drawn and the transfer of power is about complete. Let’s take the epic Netflix Original series "House of Cards" as an example of where things are. It resumes after a real-life scandal involving Kevin Spacey, where reality meets fantasy and vice versa. With Spacey out, the Vice President, a woman, rises to power as the POTUS. That’s what I call a dry rehearsal for the real thing. I’m not claiming that Melania will be running the show any time soon, but instead that the world at large is about to witness a transfer of power from the Masculine power dominated structure to one that does not seek to govern and control, but rather to be counsel.

That person not being an individual, but rather an expression of that awe-inspiring, life-giving, all-loving energy that seeks not to right the wrongs of the past, but rather to HEAL them.


World Predictions for 2018

Looking at the headlines today can be an exercise in frustration. Social media feeds filled with strong opinions.

Debates between people that will never interact with each other in the real world are drivers of popular opinion and generators of trivial solutions.

This year will be about dividing lines - establishing where you stand, right or left, east or west.

You may find yourself unable to determine where exactly you stand. You might agree with some things and not others. Resist every attempt at being labeled and resist grouping yourself with only those who agree with you. There is no faster way of creating a closed, divided and scary world than to stop sharing ideas and being able to communicate with one another. We can shout to the rooftops about how we aren’t being heard as much as we want. It’s time that we strive to listen. The ear does not have a lid, it’s always on and always hearing. Listening is a matter of choice, choose to do so actively through the scope of love - sharing that love first with yourself and then to everyone else in measure, small and significant. You’ll quickly realize that as you give it, it grows. It’s also quite contagious. Practicing love universally has a proven effect on lifespan, social happiness, and even career aspirations.

It's easy to become overwhelmed by what's happening out there. You may not think that you don't have a role to play. The truth is that you can and do make a difference. It always starts with the individual. We are, after all, nothing but individuals. Not a mass of one race, color, sex. Nor are we grouped by opinion. As individuals, we share a collective existence, hoping for the same things - Health, Love, and Happiness. No matter what religion you believe or practice, no matter what you think acceptable or not, each and everyone one of us counts. Be a happier you and spread love to everyone you know. That love will find its way back you. Every time. That’s a promise. Zuco

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