About My Services

My area of expertise is in relationship guidance - particularly in navigating strong soul connections! When reading I tune into both the surface-level challenges and deeper soul-level motivations - providing you an understanding not only of how your person of interest is feeling and the trajectory of the connection but WHY they are feeling that way. Most readers will explain what will happen - but my style is to focus on the factors influencing the behavior and decision of both parties and helping you to create an action plan to move forward with intention and soul alignment. It’s very important to me to give clear, detailed explanations with tangible tools to work on after the reading. I use my clairsentient gifts to feel what your POI is feeling on both the conscious (mind) and subconscious (heart/soul) levels. I do not provide mediumship, general readings, third-party readings, or time-frames. If you are ready to deeply understand your love story, and connections, and gain clarity on the next steps - a reading with me is for you!

Experience & Qualifications

My journey as a reader began over 10 years about when I met an intense soul connection! In the beginning, I couldn’t understand why things I felt (clairsentience) or knew (claircognizance) were not lining up with my daily experiences, and I got REALLY addicted to receiving readings. After committing to my spiritual practice and learning how to trust my natural abilities I began to give back by reading for others. Now, thousands of readings later, I specialize in giving readings that dive beyond “what”/“when” to explaining the “how”/“why” and helping clients truly understand how their own energy, thoughts, and actions impact their connections!


Certified Life Coach, Spirituality Educator, Master of intuitive-based psychic gifts (clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance)