What does The Judgment card mean in Tarot?

the judgment tarot card meaningthe judgment tarot card meaning

Judgment, Major Arcana XX

Tarot’s Judgment card is a powerful call for your soul to rise to a more meaningful, fulfilling existence – from mediocre undertakings to great ones, from lethargy to activity and impact on the world, and from despair to relentless hope.

In any life area, what is it that you want to achieve and what has you stuck or just nonacting? The Judgment suggests now is a great time to break those habitual barriers, to hear your own soul, and to embark on a new journey – whether it’s for your love life, career, finances, family, friends, or well being.

Truth is, you can’t continue the way things are anymore. 0.A strong part of you has already awakened to the fact that your life can be different, better, more connected and meaningful than what you have been experiencing. It could even be said that a part of you has come back from the dead – hopes long gone have begun to return to your heart, dreams long forgotten have begun reappearing in your mind’s eye, and the world just began to seem friendlier and more positive.

The Judgment card indicates that the universe is on your side. Fate can and will likely use its power and influence to help you to get to where you want to go – because the calling you feel is very real. It’s from your heart of hearts, deep within your soul, and not from your ego. That’s why the universe will propel you forward. People will appear in your life to show you the way. Things will happen to move you to new direction. Magical coincidences will take place – just make sure to continue listening to the call and acting accordingly. Don’t go back!

What does The Judgment Tarot card mean for love?

For singles, The Judgment represents a deep, much needed awakening to your real needs. It might be time to leave behind your notions of what you’re looking for in a partner or what you expect from a relationship. How do you define love? What have your past relationships taught you? What was missing and how can you make sure the same thing won’t be missing again in your next relationship?

The Judgment points at a time of inner exploration. If you take this time to hear your soul and its real needs, your dating life can take an extremely positive turn, bringing you all the things we all dream of. Don’t rush – get in touch with yourself first. Be very clear about what you want before saying yes to a date. Judgment isn’t about rash actions; it’s about well-thought-out ones.

For couples, The Judgment might mean a very important and immediate need to understand one another better. How’s communication flowing between you two? Are you open with one another, or do you resort to your habitual disagreements and arguments? Judgment suggests you aren’t really hearing one another. One of you says something, the other hears something else, and reacts from that misunderstood place.

Even if there’s a lot of love between you, miscommunication can be damaging. Find ways to be able to really reach one another – workshops, love advisors, or just taking the time to talk with one another when both of you are absolutely calm, without any disturbance in the environment.

What does The Judgment reversed in Tarot mean?

The Judgment reversed points at metaphoric deaf ears that don’t or refuse to hear a strong inner calling. These could be your very own ears, or someone else’s – most likely a person who has tremendous influence in your life. If your mother doesn’t hear you, for example, even when you openly state what you need from her, it could feel very hurtful, even if she doesn’t mean to hurt you.

Not being heard gives the following message: “you are not that important.” Awaken to your own worth, and make sure you and others around you hear you when you speak of your needs, wants, experiences, feelings and ideas. Pay attention to your voice, too. Is it strong? Are the words you use direct and clear? Just notice.

Judgment reversed suggests you might not be valuing yourself or the things you say or do as much as you deserve – and the environment reinforces this, or vice versa – i.e. the environment never confirmed your worth to begin with, and so now it’s difficult for you to feel it. It’s a cycle that needs to be broken.

Astrological association

The Judgment card is associated the planet Pluto, a planet so small and so far from Earth that it’s even a miracle it was discovered (and only in 1930!)

Pluto represents the most important subconscious, soulful information hidden in our depths. It’s two-thirds the size of Moon, another planet that represents subconscious forces. Moon allows us to enter our unconscious, where we encounter Pluto – the nucleus of our soul – our pure raison d’etre,

Have you discovered your own inner Pluto – your own calling?

Most people live their whole lives without enough self-exploration, and thus, never find out what their true soul purpose is. Ask yourself the following: if you had no responsibilities, no bills to pay, no physical or emotional or other obstacles, and no limits – what would you be doing with your life? What kind of a life would you like to live?

Pluto is the slowest moving planet in our galaxy. So, don’t rush to answer this very important question. It’s okay to take time.

Pluto rules Scorpio – a powerful, mysterious sign. While the Tarot card most associated with Scorpio is Death, Judgment can be viewed as its gentler counterpart. While the Death card suggests a rather sudden transformation that pushes you to get in touch with your soul, Judgment does it slowly and softly.

The main message here is, can you make time for self-exploration? Does your environment support such holistic living, and if not, how can you find people who’ll support you in your new journey? Take your time to ponder these and only act when it feels right deep in your bones.

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