Tarot Card: The Star, Major Arcana XVII

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After the major challenges and psychological turbulences we encountered in our life journey, depicted by Tarot cards such as The Death and The Devil , we arrive at a tranquil place with the Star. Finally.

Thankfully, the Star does not depict a fleeting experience of peace. It is one that will endure, one we can feel in our bones as rightfully earned, one that is ours to enjoy as long as we want.

What does the Star Card mean in Tarot?

The Star comes to our life when we know that:

  • If in a relationship, our partner is really the one. If we’re single, then being single is what’s right for us in this moment. We feel great wherever we are.

  • Our job is aligned with our greater purpose and vision, or we just got an offer that feels so right.

  • Our place of residence is where our heart is, or we are moving to a place that feels like home.

  • Our health is just like it should be (acceptance), or that we are healing after an illness.

So the Star shows up when everything fits; like a finished puzzle, we enjoy the work we did and the results we achieved.

Yet, as much as we may want to think we’ve arrived at our life destination, that we can now just let go of everything and relax, the Star is when our deeper spiritual journey begins. With a finished puzzle in front of us, we get a panoramic view of our life, and we’re now ready to take it up to the next level.

The Star: Initiation into Spirituality

In the Tarot journey, as depicted by Major and Minor Arcana, we arrive at spirituality after we take care of our “worldly” needs. These needs are important - to have stable income, to be loved by a partner we love, to be touched lovingly, being nurtured and nurturing, and paying attention to our health.

Tarot’s spirituality has to do with creativity - taking inspiration from our own subconscious, collective consciousness and world’s mythologies and turning it into manifested art such as paintings, writing, a beautiful house, pottery, design, fashion… whatever rings our bells. It’s about feeling secure and loved enough in this world so as to be able to experience creativity in the most spiritual way possible.

When we arrive at the Star, we have a solid base, yet our curiosity about life is as alive as a child’s. We want to soak our fingers in paint, play with words, learn more and express more. We want to make a contribution.

What does the Star Tarot Card mean for love?

When it comes to our romantic lives, the Star means we are where we want to be. We have forgiven our past mistakes. We are over the grief of losing past lovers and over losing our sense of self at certain points in our lives. We have grown, we have redefined ourselves, we are a much better, bigger person now. Whether hitched or single, the Star means we have mastered self-acceptance and self-love, and consequently, we’re much better at loving others just as they are.

If in a relationship, the Star means we are with the right person. The one who supports us. The one who nurtures us. The one who’ll be there for us when we need it, and who’ll grow with us. We are in a conscious relationship, one that is good for us in the soul level.

The Star is associated with the Strength card

Tarot’s Strength, numbered VIII, is numerically associated with the Star, numbered XVII. Add the digits of Star, you get Strength.

The strength found in the Star is natural and easy. It is one of trusting the self and the universe. There is no need to tame a lion, because there are no inner lions left. The self is integrated with a clear vision and purpose.

Most of us arrive at the Star only after our midlife crisis - after we evaluate our selves and lives and come to healthy conclusions. It is when we go beyond our personal lives and decide to contribute to the larger world, in the form of art, writing, or even political or humanitarian action. Whatever our personal calling is.

Zodiacal Association

The Star is associated with Zodiac’s water bearer, Aquarius. Aquarians are always curious, eager to learn more, open minded, intellectual, well-meaning, and reliable. The Star embodies the Aquarius energy because when we get the Star in a reading, it means we’re ready to enact that energy.

We realize we are much bigger than we previously thought. We tap into our deeper potential and we trust our inner power. We look at life with the eyes of a child, yet with the wisdom of an experienced adult.

What does the Star Reversed mean?

Star reversed in a Tarot card reading means our midlife crisis is yet to be experienced. That we haven’t yet dived into our own depths and explored our psyche under an internal microscope. That we haven’t yet come to that stage where we can contribute to the world at large. We need to work on ourselves first.

But no need to despair - crisis is the mother of all transformation, and sooner or later we all go through it. Luckily, many Tarot cards help us during those times, light our path and help us arrive at the Star sooner than later.

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