What does the Two of Cups card mean in Tarot?

Two of Cups Minor Arcana Cups II Two of Cups Minor Arcana Cups II

Two of Cups, Minor Arcana, Cups II

The Two of Cups is a wonderful card to have in any reading. If Tarot’s Lovers card (Major Arcana, Number VI) is about passionate love and the emotional roller-coaster it brings, Two of Cups is about mature, peaceful, serene love between two people. It’s about having a stable partnership with a lot of respect, equality, openness, and gentleness.

Two of Cups sometimes symbolizes having a second (and a better) marriage, or love found at middle or older age past the procreative years or desires. It’s when two people who already know themselves well come together, and form an honest, loyal companionship that they both trust will last till death do them part.

If the Two of Cups appears in your reading, it’s a very good sign regardless of your question or the life area you’re exploring. Even though in some readings the card may symbolize you having a better relationship with your own self, more often than not the card is about you starting or developing a healthy relationship with another person or people.

If your reading is about your career and finances, the Two of Cups might mark the beginning a fruitful business partnership. You and your partner are well aligned, and you have clarity about who will do what, when and how. There’s trust between you. You can have everything in writing, but what matters in this case is the unsaid – that you both know you are honest with each other, and that you see yourselves as one and the same team.

If you aren’t forming this type of business partnership, then the Two of Cups is pointing at the future potential of the current relationships you have – from your boss, coworkers, to even the people who oversee your retirement funds. You will be supported in your endeavors. They all want your wellbeing, and one of them will likely play a role in providing you with a new opportunity.

If your reading is about your social circle and friends, the Two of Cups points at deepened trust between you and those who are close to you, more real relationships, and new friendships that will last. Most likely, the card refers to one a specific person with whom you’ve recently become closer. There’s improvement in your relationships in general, and you find yourself to be more trusting and loving.

If the reading is about your wellbeing, the Two of Cups shows an improved soul-state. You are kinder to yourself than you were in the past. Your vast variety of needs don’t bother you anymore – you take care of them the way a loving mother would take care of her crying baby. There’s growing self-love and it’ll only get better. Soon, even your difficult feelings will cease to feel like an inconvenience. You’ll be curious about them, you’ll befriend them. In turn, they will teach you a lot about yourself and the world.

What does the Two of Cups Tarot card mean for love?

For singles, having Two of Cups in your reading represents the beginning of a long, deep, beautiful relationship. Most likely, things between you two will develop slowly, as Two of Cups isn’t known to bring fiery, uncontrollable passions. Yet, it doesn’t show a cold relationship either. Your passion will be steady, like every other area of your new relationship.

The lion with the wings above the caduceus (two snakes) symbolizes sexuality united with spirituality. In your relationship, you’ll be touching each other out of genuine love. Lust will take the back seat. Lovemaking won’t be about physical release; rather, it’ll be about connecting with one another.

For couples, the Two of Cups might point at a relationship that was once unstable and maybe even crazy; but now it’s becoming stable, calm, and reliably familiar. You’re entering a new phase that might at first seem boring compared to what you had before, yet it’s a much better, deeper phase where you can finally truly be with one another without bringing past baggage and personal problems into the mix.

Your lovemaking will turn into a ritual where showing appreciation for one another’s presence will take precedence over fleeting pleasures. Things will get more romantic, almost like in movies. Congratulations, you’re entering the realm of true soulmateship. You’ll be so appreciative of having such a wonderful bond with your partner that even his or her imperfections will look magical to you.

What does Two of Cups reversed in Tarot mean?

The Two of Cups reversed shows a relationship in your life that looks promising, but in reality, it isn’t. It’s a relationship that won’t deliver on any of its promises and might cause disillusionment or heartbreak in you. If you have a new lover, then this might be someone who’s talking a lot about having a future together on the first or second date, or when it’s still way too early. And it’s all talk that won’t turn into action.

2 of cups card reversed

One way to avoid sorrow is to pay attention to the actions of your date or of the people around you, and gauge whether these actions match with their words. If Two of Cups reversed is in your reading, you might want to amp up your paranoia, because in this case it’s most likely justified. There’s dishonesty around you – keep your eyes open.

Astrological association

All cup cards in the Minor Arcana are associated with the water element, which is associated with the signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Because the Two of Cups is about having a lasting relationship, it indicates “fixed” energy – therefore, this card is most associated with the sign of Scorpio who harbors fixed water energy, like ice – solid, refreshing, and in some cases lifesaving.

Scorpios are known to take their time in relationships. They reveal their depths slowly and carefully. They are like still waters that run deep. Two of Cups, as a card, brings this energy into your life, whether your new partner is a Scorpio or not. If your relationship itself were to have its own zodiac sign, it would be a Scorpio with a Scorpio rising! Keep this in mind as you go further into the future.

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