5 Card Tarot Spread is the Happy Medium of a Tarot Card Reading

Janice Howard
Master of spirituality / Spiritual writer based in Oklahoma, USA / Spiritual activist
Master of spirituality / Spiritual writer based in Oklahoma, USA / Spiritual activist

5 Card Tarot Spread to Clear the Vision on Life 5 Card Tarot Spread to Clear the Vision on Life

Choosing a 5 Card Tarot Spread

There are many types of tarot card spreads, whether it's picking a single card, multiple cards or the shape in which the cards are placed. A 5 tarot card spread is the “happy medium” when it comes to choosing which type of reading to receive or give. This provided a few additional details than the 3 card spread, but does not require a long and in depth reading. Typically, a 3 tarot card spread will tell a reader information about the past, present and future. Meanwhile, adding those two crucial cards, can tell us more about the “in betweens' ' previously mentioned. These include advice or challenges that happen as we go about our day-to-day lives.

If you are looking for answers regarding a specific event or course of action, then a basic 5 card spread is a great option. This spread is a great way to become familiar with doing a reading for yourself or others. We will go through the steps of setting up a reading and guides on what the spread means. As well as other types of 5 card spreads to ask for when meeting with a tarot card reader or to use when practicing your own intuition skills.

5 Card Tarot Spread to Clear the Vision on Life5 Card Tarot Spread to Clear the Vision on Life

Setting-up a 5 Card Tarot Spread

Depending on the technique of the reader, either the client will pick the cards or the tarot card reader will use their intuition to pick the cards for the reader. When allowing the client to pick the cards the reader is using their energy and connection to the universal messaging system to send it through their own intuition. On the other hand, the tarot card reader who uses intuition will connect to the energy of the person being read to bring about the messages to answer their questions.

However, if the tarot card deck is brand new, then it needs to be cleansed energetically. This should also be a practice that is used after every few reading or even each reading. Each tarot card holder has their own unique way in which they practice intuition and this affects the steps of cleaning the cards.

5 Card Tarot Spread to Clear the Vision on Life5 Card Tarot Spread to Clear the Vision on Life

Beginner 5 Card Tarot Reading

Basic 5 Card Spread:

The most basic of the 5 card spreads, is in the shape of a “T”. The card in the middle is first, surrounded by 4 cards to the left, right, bottom, then top. This spread is best for questions about a specific event, especially concerns regarding a narrow course of actions that yourself or a client may be going through.

First, the center card is flipped to represent the present situation, followed by the card to the left to represent the past situation that has direct influence on the present situation. The third card, to the right, represents the future situation. The fourth card, to the bottom of the center card will represent the leading obstacles or reasons to the present situation. When flipping this card, it is important to take note of the second card and determine whether there is an interconnection with the past to this card. The final card in this 5 card spread, which is the card to the top of the center card, represents the possible outcomes if the advice provided is followed.

Intermediate 5 Card Tarot Reading

Horseshoe 5 Card Spread:

To better understand your truest expectations and the influences being made on a specific situation. The shape of a spread that dives into this information is the horseshoe 5 card spread, which is like an upside down “V”. The beliefs of the person being read are the key to this spread. It is not very dependent on the past actions or lack of action from the person being read. The top card is actually the third card to flip. This spread moves from the bottom left to toward the top of the horseshoe and down to the bottom right card.

The first card sets the general theme of the reading and tells us about the present situation based on the question or concern of the person receiving the reading. The second card represents the current expectations held and the third card represents the unexpected that is possibly hiding in plain sight. It is crucial to pay attention to the tone of these cards, whether positive or negative. The latter will indicate the likelihood of an individual's tendency to unconsciously sabotage our own possibility of succeeding or deserving what we want from life. The fourth card is a prediction of what might approach in the near future, such as the recent days or weeks. Followed by the prediction of the far future by reflecting on the messages from the fifth card in the tarot spread.

5 Card Tarot Spread to Clear the Vision on Life5 Card Tarot Spread to Clear the Vision on Life

Advanced 5 Card Tarot Reading

Life Change 5 Card Spread:

If someone is going through a phase in their life that involves a significant transition, such as moving to a new city, changing a career path, or starting a new relationship. To each person, the significance of certain events in life has a unique effect or impact on their well-being and quality of life. It is about understanding the impact and possibilities of making the most of the tools we have available to us in this life. By connecting to a psychic and getting a tarot card reading at these transitional phases, we are utilizing tools to improve our lives.

The set up of this spread is similar to the basic 5 card spread, except the order in which they are placed is changed. Starting in the center, the first card represents an option that is being questioned and should be followed through. Next is the card below, which represents the tools that will help the person feel grounded and stable along the way of this journey. These tools can include people, things and attitudes. Moving counter clockwise, the third tarot card is to the right of the center card, which provides a look into why these changes are happening and how it will benefit their life. The fourth tarot card, above the center card, gives information about what is needed to be released or let go of to be successful on this journey. It is this card that is often left out of the 3 card tarot spreads, which are the hidden or “in-between” moments. Last but not least, the fifth card in the reading is the left of the center card. This card will reveal what is needed from a place beyond just universal guidance, but from our higher guiding sources.

Arriving Prepared to a Reading

Before arriving to any tarot card reading, be sure to connect with a tarot reader that makes your comfortable and trust. If you are unsure of what exactly you are arriving to the reading to get answers on, that is not an issue. However, it is beneficial to try coming with open ended questions to stear the reading in a direction which provides beneficial insights.

5 Card Tarot Spread to Clear the Vision on Life5 Card Tarot Spread to Clear the Vision on Life

Why get a tarot card reading?

The reason for seeking a psychic is often misunderstood, to just get future predictions. This belief is far from the truth. One of the popular methods of a psychic are the tarot card readers. These psychics are able to use physical tools to show clients as they provide insights and answer questions. In addition, psychics use their gifts to tell us about the past, the present, the future, and those in betweens that are typically slipped from our conscious awareness. It is within those smaller moments that we truly grow, learn and become the people we dream of, whether that is on a career path, relationship path or any other life journey. It is a great opportunity to connect with tarot card readers, whether you are familiar with the practice or not. Here we will help give a few tips to choosing the right reading and learning to practice on your own. We all have the ability to tap into our subconscious and receive insights from the universe.
About Janice Howard
Janice Howard is based in Oklahoma, USA. With years of experience researching all things spiritual , including divination tools such as Tarot, Numerology, and Psychic connections, Janice regards herself as a spiritual activist. During her spare time, she practices yoga, writes, and teaches mind, body, and soul connections at the local recreation centers.
Skills : Master of spirituality / Spiritual writer based in Oklahoma, USA / Spiritual activist
Skills : Master of spirituality / Spiritual writer based in Oklahoma, USA / Spiritual activist
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