Libra and Aquarius Compatibility

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Libras and Aquarians are both Air signs, so they both value thoughts and ideals. In relationships, they should give one another the impetus to follow their grand ideas. As they respect their similarities and differences, they can make beautiful relationships flourish.

Libra and Aquarius Relationships

In astrology, Libra is represented by the scales and, truly, Libras like things to be in balance--and that includes finding a Yoko to their John. Being in a relationship is important and they tend not to be single for any great length of time. Aquarians, however, don't feel the need to always be with someone. A Libra's dependency may scare away an Aquarius, while an Aquarian's disinterest in a partnership may be off-putting to an Libra.

Yet, this zodiac compatibility can cherish its similarities. Libra men (or women) will find in an Aquarian someone who shares a love of art, for example. In fact, these two will find common ground in higher education, travel, philosophy, and the arts. Libras often focus on ideals and so do Aquarians. If their ideals match up, their love compatibility will be quite strong. 

Libra and Aquarius Friendships

Libras and Aquarians often strike up friendships quickly. They are both social and friendly. In terms of astrological compatibility, the Libra will be taken by this interesting Aquarius who has so many original ideas. If these two put their minds together, there will be plenty of stimulating conversation.

Further, both of them are quite capable of nurturing a friendship into something more. Because they appreciate the others' way of thinking, they can encourage one another, leading to a life-long partnership. Libras can be quite charming, attractive, and sophisticated, and an Aquarian might be smitten.

Libra and Aquarius Love

Love, though, may not happen right away. First, they'll need to be able to see past each other's differences. See that Libra over there who can't decide what to order? She can't help it. Libras often spend too much time weighing their options and that indecisiveness may come across to a free-spirited Aquarius as caring too much. He might feel she is wasting too many thoughts on something so simple. After all, they'll eat again tomorrow, right? Meanwhile, Libra will wonder if they will eat again tomorrow because that Aquarian is just so unreliable and erratic. Love requires them both to show a little patience.

Additionally, one is a fixed sign, while the other is a Cardinal sign. Don't be surprised if the Libra finds the Aquarian partner digging in his or her heels a little too often (fixed signs are known for being stubborn). Similarly, the Aquarian might think the Libra is a little too bossy (cardinal signs naturally adopt a leadership role). Luckily, they can talk their arguments out and deepen their affection for one another -- both in marriage and in bed.

If the relationship between a Libra and an Aquarian does falter, neither sign is apt to spend too much time looking back. The Libra will find his or her next partner; the Aquarian will look for the next thought-provoking person to come his or her way. Yet, with a little give and take, these two can enjoy a horoscope compatibility love match and make beautiful dreams come true.

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