Libra and Taurus Compatibility

Libra Sign Taurus Sign

Lovely and charming Libra men (or women), ruled by the planet Venus, may think they have found their soulmate in sensual and serene Taurus, also ruled by Venus. But though the planet gives them much in common, there are elements to this pairing that should persuade Libra to remove Venus's rose-colored glasses.

Libra and Taurus Relationships

In astrology, Libra is represented by the scales and, truly, Libra prefers balance, including in relationships. Libras actively seek out partnerships and dislike being alone for any length of time. Luckily, most Tauruses feel the same: They enjoy being in a relationship. Libra will also find that a Taurus has similar values; both are responsible and hard-working, making their compatibility high.

Libras like to keep the peace and are sophisticated and diplomatic. So, what can they do when in a relationship with an earthy and self-indulgent Bull? They should do what they do best: Find the balance and sweet-talk the Taurus out of overeating or overdoing anything.

Libra women (and men) are some times accused of being superficial in relationships. In truth, Libras like to be liked by everybody. Taurus men (and women) might not understand this. The Libra should recognize that she may too often crave the attention of everyone in the room. (Libra might also convince the Taurus that it's okay to be the center of attention every now and then.)

Libra and Taurus Friendships

Aesthetic Libra will find a great friend and horoscope match in the artistic Taurus. Both love beautiful things, including the arts, music, and luxurious surroundings. Libra may find her Taurus friend's tastes a little less discerning than her own, however, and may want to improve the Taurus's tastes. Be careful. A Taurus most often goes with her gut feeling and doesn't want to spend too much time weighing pros and cons or being tutored.

Still, Libra will enjoy her talks with Taurus. As an Air sign, Libra is always up for a good conversation. The Bull may be slower in thought than a Libra, but that won't stop them from having deep, heart-felt discussions. Libras also will appreciate that Taurus is steadfast and easy-going. Libra, therefore, will be able to take the lead, as she wants to do (being a Cardinal sign), and seek out restaurants, plays, and music for them. Libra will appreciate finding a life-long friend and sign compatibility in Taurus.

Libra and Taurus Love

A Libra has many tools at her disposal for attracting love. She is intelligent, attractive, and graceful. Additionally, Libra's voice is often silky smooth. Beauty- and music-loving Taurus will find much to desire in a Libra because of their zodiac love compatibility. Their relationship can develop from friendship into marriage.

Libras may take their time warming up in bed to the more earthy Taurus, but the coupling will be hot once it gets going. Venus will finally be able to use her magic, and Libra may discover the erotic connection she didn't know she was missing. In fact, Libra may find her busy mind finally taking a break or using her imagination in bed to make things even more stimulating.

At first glance, the horoscope compatibility of these two signs seems ideal, but for any relationship to work between a Libra and a Taurus, there must be some greater understanding of one's own features and foibles.

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