Libra and Libra Compatibility

Libra Sign Libra Sign

A Libra and Libra relationship is easier than many other sign combinations, but will still require some work. Even though their values are the same, both tend to pass judgment on others easily. To make it work, the most important goal in this relationship should be to find a common purpose together.

Libra vs. Libra

Libras are great communicators, and that is only emphasized when they are with another Libra. Communication between women and men who are both Libras is often enjoyable and begins with mutual respect. They both love to talk about other people, which provides an endless conversation topic, but the problem arises when one or both Libras need an ego boost and uses the other as a source of that boost. Pointing out the others' flaws leads to a lack of effective communication and creates an energy drain. To work through this, both Libras must try to accept their partner for who they are.

Values between partners who have the same sign are always similar. Libras place a high value on their past experiences, and when shared, creates a sense of comfortable compatibility. These men and women both make moderate lifestyle choices, have a strong work ethic, and conduct themselves with calm reasonability. Love is a spiritual thing for this sign, which makes them dedicated and sensible partners.

Libra and Libra Relationship

A Libra with another Libra may seem like an ideal emotional match because of their strong connection to Venus, but the fact that Saturn plays a role makes them slow to build close relationships. Because both can seem cold and refuse to acknowledge their emotions, they may need to work a little harder to become truly intimate with each other. However, when they can both learn to ignore the inner voice that tells them they shouldn't get too close to anyone, they can have a very satisfying relationship. Trusting their own emotions and acknowledging the validity of their feelings is the biggest hurdle to overcome for a successful relationship.

Libra and Libra Socially

Libras are great at being active as long as it's in their routine before becoming involved in a relationship. Because they feel safe in their set routine, it's difficult to change for another person, even another Libra. This resistance to change may cause these men and women to spend more time at home and may develop a routine of exclusively spending time alone with one another. Libra and Libra simply need to compromise on activities and make an effort to create new activities, schedules, and friendships as a couple. Having a varied outside influence will work to strengthen their bond as a couple.

Libra and Libra in Bed

Libras are usually moderate in bed, so their sexual expression is usually similar to one another. However, if one strays from their known sexual preferences, the other Libra can become judgemental, causing the relationship to suffer. Since both Libras will trust the other to make the first move, beginning their sexual relationship can be the biggest problem. Once that initial step is made to further their connection, these men and women are devoted to pleasing one another, which makes for a fun and satisfying relationship in bed.

While there are better astrology compatibility combinations, Libra and Libra horoscope compatibility naturally measures high enough to make things work well. When they decide to get together, Libras should remember to accept the perceived flaws of their partner and remain open about their feelings, whether in a friendship, relationship, or marriage.

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