Are Scorpio & Aries Compatible?

Scorpio Sign Aries Sign

A Scorpio and Aries relationship is the very definition of a wild love affair. Between constant battles and incendiary lovemaking, this is Zodiac compatibility for the ages. The sex is mind-blowing and their arguments are even more intense. Friction may build when jealous Scorpio tries to keep a handle on the easily bored Aries, who is always looking for the next adventure.

Scorpio and Aries Love

Although Aries is just as passionate as Scorpio, their passion tends to express itself in different ways. An Aries who is a little older and more mature is a better match for Scorpio, whose jealous streak and possessive nature might push Aries away. However, the love of adventure is shared by men and women of both signs and can result in one of the most fulfilling, exciting relationships of their lives.

Scorpio and Aries in Bed

Both Scorpio and Aries are ruled by Mars, which means that both signs resemble warriors. That kind of dedication to each other in life makes for excellent love compatibility and some amazing times in bed. The chemistry and sexual tension in a Scorpio and Aries relationship cannot be overstated! This pairing is an explosive one, with both signs possessing a high libido and endless amounts of energy. Scorpio and Aries men and women are creative lovers and like to mix things up in bed, but there may be a war of wills to determine who gets to call the shots.

Scorpio and Aries Friendship

These volatile fighters have great compatibility in friendships. Nobody will have your back like a Scorpio or an Aries. They are also witty conversationalists who love to talk, although their words can sometimes be barbed. This can lead to all-out fights between the two, but when outsiders try to hurt Scorpio or Aries, the other will defend them to the death. A Scorpio and Aries friendship is enduring and will last through thick and thin.

Scorpio Man and Aries Woman

This can be a very passionate and loving pair as long as both are willing to compromise! A Scorpio man and Aries woman are equally as likely to get into knock-down, drag-out fights as they are apt to stay calm and listen to each other. Both signs can form rewarding relationships if they are willing to meet in the middle. Aries women are looking for someone assertive, and Scorpio men typically fit the bill. A Scorpio man loves sex, and the passionate Aries woman is usually up to the task.

Scorpio Women and Aries Men

Alpha male Aries will find that with Scorpio women, he no longer rules the roost. These two are equal in their desire for power and their dislike of being told "no." This can create an incredibly dynamic coupling, in which both are intrigued by the assertive strength of the other — or it can result in fighting like cats and dogs! Scorpio's jealousy will not tolerate flirtatious behavior or selfishness from her Aries man, and he will be thrilled when she appreciates the gifts he will lavish on her and loves that she has an open heart.

Scorpio and Aries seem like they would be a mismatched pair, but this couple's astrological compatibility works very well as long as both sides are open to listening to each other. Their fiery temperaments can be detrimental, but if Scorpio and Aries are truly in a relationship with each other for the long haul, including marriage, it can be very rewarding for both of them.

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