Are Scorpios & Scorpios Compatible?

Scorpio Sign Scorpio Sign

Two Scorpios will become instant friends. They have a natural tendency to create lasting relationships. Scorpios share similarities in thoughts and actions, which creates harmony between the partners. Unlike different signs that disagree on issues, Scorpio men and women instinctively agree on what's best for their friendship.

Scorpio and Scorpio Zodiac Compatibility

Scorpio and Scorpio zodiac compatibility is like a daydream. They are intense and confident men and women. Scorpios are brave and possess a great amount of zeal and determination. They are decisive and perform endless research when they want to know about a topic.

Scorpios make great leaders and like to be in the forefront. They are also good keepers of secrets. When you tell a Scorpio a secret, it won't get out. However, they are jealous and suspicious, which are traits they need to keep in check.

Scorpio and Scorpio Love Compatibility

The love union between a Scorpio and Scorpio can be passionate. For this to happen, the partners must learn to see themselves as members of the same team. They can develop a unique chemistry by avoiding competition.

Men and women of this zodiac sign have a deep understanding of each other. There are certain aspects in a Scorpio's personality that only another Scorpio can understand. They can get along well and provide adequate emotional support for each other.

Scorpio and Scorpio in Bed

Scorpio lovers can enjoy exceptional time in bed with each other thanks to their heightened sexuality. However, their inner tension can be tough to handle.

A Scorpio man and Scorpio woman relationship can be both amazing and miserable. Fortunately, they can enjoy an astonishing sexual relationship when things are smooth between them. For their sexual relationship to be fulfilling, both partners need to restrain their inner emotions when together.

Scorpio and Scorpio Strengths

If two Scorpios can handle their emotions, they are off to the start of a great relationship. When men and women of this sign rub minds together, they would provide a great stimulus especially when they have intellectual conversations.

The topics of their discussions may be depressing and dark. This is not because they like those subjects, but because they understand one another in ways other people often avoid. The bright side to this is that each knows he/she is not alone, which is a source of soothing reassurance.

Scorpio and Scorpio Weaknesses

Friendships between a Scorpio and a Scorpio can blossom and eventually lead to marriage. As fruitful as this union can be, men and women of this sign would face certain challenges and obstacles.

One negative aspect of their relationship is that they can be possessive and jealous. They both want to pry into each other's lives, while also striving for independence. Scorpios hate being controlled but also want to control and dominate their partners. If they can learn to compromise, Scorpios can make their relationship stand the test of time.

The good sides of a Scorpio man and a Scorpio woman relationship is that both individuals are passionate, brave, creative, and can be true friends to each other. They can manage each other's emotions well, especially the dark ones. These individuals provide surplus emotional support for themselves. However, both partners need to be open about their feelings and emotions and accept each other's inner needs.

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